Monday, May 3, 2021

Murphy's Law

 Do you ever just have a day when you feel like being lazy? Tim did not have to work today. We slept in. When you get up at 4, sleeping in until 6:30 is a big deal. He was up and out mowing the lawn by 7. I looked at the clock and put a pillow over my face. I got up at 7:30. 

I made my coffee, and putzed around the kitchen. Then I lazily ambled in to travel around the world on the computer. Rain was on its way and so we weren't headed out. Just a putzing-around-the-house day.

You can putz in your nightgown. Did you know? 

Tim had a question to ask at the electric company, so he ducked out. I putzed. doing those little jobs that I mean to do but never quite get to, and then Tim was walking back in the door, and it was 11 o'clock. He was hungry so he fixed himself some lunch and I fixed myself lunch, and then we headed into the livingroom. He wanted to watch another episode of his latest addiction, 'Breaking Bad'. 

So I sipped my soup and he ate his sandwich, and we chatted comfortably from our respective sofas, while watching his program. It really is well written. The story line is solid and there are never loose ends. It all ties together. is gruesome...just...SO...gruesome.  Yet somehow it manages to be funny too. I'm not sure how they managed to pull that off, but they did. 

Did I mention that I was still in my nightgown?

Yeah. I was.

Next thing I know, we've got company, and while that company was here, a tenant stopped in. Everyone wanted to talk.

And there I was, still in my nightgown. I was embarrassed to death. 

No sooner than the house got empty, my mortified self was heading to the shower. When the phone rang, I answered it.  A friend wanted to drop something off. She was on her way. I tried to delay her, but she was headed off on vacation (lucky girl!) and wouldn't be back for two weeks...and it had to be done that very minute. 

I confessed. "Terry, I'm still in my nightgown. I had a lazy morning." She said, don't worry. I'll hand it to Tim..." 

For pete's sake! The one day that I'm slacking off! At that point, I ran for the bathroom and jumped in the shower. I really had to get out of that nightgown.

Terry was gone before I finished, but I knew she'd understand. Tim handed me the card and headed off. I finished getting dressed. When the phone rang, I wasn't quite dressed to run down the hall and out to the living room, so I let the machine get it. Once I was dressed, I went out to play the message. It was the library, calling to tell me that the book I'd requested from another branch was in. 

I blow dried my hair, and slapped on some mascara. No need for make up when you mask up.

I was there 15 minutes after I received the call. 

It was nice to see the friendly librarian in person again. "You must have been sitting by the phone ready to go!"

I just nodded and tried to look like a woman who had not spent half the day in her nightwear. 

(Don't rat me out!)


  1. Nothing quite like and occasional lazy day. Imagine staying in your sleeping clothes the whole day — never even getting out of them ‘til shower time and off to bed again. Such a wicked thing to do and my husband and I snickered and didn't even feel guilty many years ago. Fortunately we didn't have any visitors as you did.

  2. Well I hope the nightwear was decent ;) Though in relaxing gear you did not have time to relax, either in bed or around the house.

  3. Putz - that's a new word to me. I never spend the day in my nightwear - as I don't wear any!!!!! Shhh... don't rat me out!

  4. No, no, no! You must be out of your nightwear by 11.00am. I am an early bird and usually out of my dressing gown by 10.00.

    How far away are your neighbours? I wouldn't be impressed by the sound of a lawn mower at 7.00am.

  5. Oh yes, I like the word putz too. I am very good at it.

  6. Doesn't that always happen. Be sure your sins will find you out.

  7. So despite it being a lazy day you still got a lot done!!

  8. I find there are several Yiddish words that describe certain situations perfectly when nothing else quite works.

  9. I know that some people like to have a pajama day. I take my time in the morning, such as now at 8:11, but I always get dressed before too long. Not that my in-house daywear is very much different. lol

  10. Oh what a fun post! That is exactly what happens when you have a lazy day in your pjs! You sure did have a lot of people find out!
    No one cared, tho, and sometimes it is good to have a lazy day!
    Thanks for the chuckles!

  11. In winter I often stay in my warm, snuggly road until time to start cooking our main meal of the day (dinner at noon).

  12. I one lived in a poor housing estate and women often walked around the street still dressed in pyjamas in the afternoon. Suppose they felt they had nothing to get up until the afternoon and it wasn't worth getting dressed yet?

  13. Absolutely loved Breaking Bad and in fact, I have watched every episode twice because it was just that good.

  14. That's sad, Northsider, but I suppose that one gets beaten down after a while. We've all had those low spots in our lives, but the thing that I know is that you have to keep on pushing through. I cannot imagine reaching the point where you honestly feel that there is no 'other side' to push on through. Makes one understand Shuggie Bain's mother a bit more, hey?

  15. Saturday mornings for me are lazing around in my PJ's, reading the newspapers, drinking coffee and not thinking about getting dressed until lunchtime.

  16. Did Tim follow your example and spend the day in his pyjamas? You are a very naughty girl Debby!

  17. I love those kind of days but I switch the nightgown for sweat pants. And Breaking Bad is so good. I have watched it twice and will probably watch it a third time before too long. It is a slow burn but worth it.

  18. That ranks in with you mother telling you always to wear clean underwear, because you never know...
    To that end, I make my bed every morning, and get dressed at once. You never know...

  19. No YP - he was out mowing the lawn by 7. gz, when I putz it doesn't mean I'm not getting things done, it means I'm getting them done at my own pace. No rushing about. I take my time... I think that JayCee would refer to it as 'pootering'.


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