Sunday, May 9, 2021

The Weekend

Honestly, will this weather ever end???

Saturday we went to watch a grandson play soccer in a gym. He is only 5 and he is fun to watch. He certainly enjoys being active. Afterwards, we picked up breakfast and brought it home and had a nice visit. 

Later in the afternoon, we tried to go down to work on the garage, but it was cold and wet and raining. Before we got out of town, it was hailing. It wasn't a passing thing either. 

Tim was not dissuaded. We continued on our way. The wind gusted like crazy and it was cold and wet. It sucked the will to work right out of us. Tim cut down an iron wood trees for the mushroom experiment (you start the spawn in freshly cut hardwood trees).  It looks  as if the violets and the for-get-me-nots have taken in my little wildflower garden, and the hostas seem do be doing what hostas do on the north side of the greenhouse, which were pretty much the only cheerful things about the afternoon. I planted some more seeds and puttered around a bit. 

Before long, Tim was loading three logs in the truck, putting the fourwheeler and the chainsaw away, and we turned around and headed home. 

It was a lazy night and I was okay with that, because I'm going to tell  you a secret. I think I had a reaction to the second covid shot. 

Serves me right, really. I've been quite vocal about the fact that I believe that most of the reactions that everyone complains about are exaggerated. I had no ill effects from the first shot, but there were people going on and on about their "terrible reactions". I always cringe a bit when I hear stuff like this. I wonder if they stop to think how many people are being scared away from the vaccine by their foolishness?

So when we went in to get our second shots, they asked if I had a reaction to the first shot. 

"No," I said. 

"Maybe you'll be just as lucky this time," they said. 

Internally I thought 'That's some real PR there..." but I kept my snarkiness to myself and simply said, "I fully expect to be." 

Friday night, we went out. Tim was going to buy me some new hanging plant containers. I'd bought two hanging plants. They looked a little bedraggled and so I set in the grass along side the house to get some rain before I hung them off the porch. Tim ran over them with his truck. So we were in the store looking at wire baskets and coconut liners, and much to my surprise, I felt faint. I had felt headachy and tired all day. I was suddenly too tired to carry the planters and the potting soil and so I handed off to Tim. We came home and I replanted my poor plants while Tim watched another couple of episodes of Breaking Bad. 

My head began to ache in earnest, so I just went to bed. My legs ached something awful. I dozed off and I slept very soundly all night long. I felt much better when I woke up, but I was no ball of energy.

So it was a quiet weekend. I went to church for the first time in a year. It was amazing to me to see how the kids have grown. 

William and Brianna came to celebrate dinner. They brought me a new coffee mug which I love, and filled it full of wildflower seeds. All sorts, designed to attract bees, butterflies and humming birds. I plan to plant them behind the little pond Tim had dug for me. William was especially pleased to have found a packet of Sweet William seeds. "Iris and me both have the same names as flowers." Made me laugh. 

William had brought Brave for us to watch. I am woefully not up to date on the whole world of Disney. My experience ended pretty much with Beauty and the Beast. It was a nice afternoon. 

I spoke with Iris and Brittani. Dylan's engineering some new system for Samuel Adams and needed to go to the plant to prepare for the week's work. Iris is potty trained and quite proud of herself. We had a nice visit, and then I called Cara. She and Colin are worn out after spending the last two weekends house hunting. They've put in three offers this weekend and will hopefully hear some good news sometime at the beginning of this week.

It snowed here today. We also lost power. This weather really, really sucks. 


  1. Lots of rain here and I’m very tired of it. It seems a lot of folks had reactions to second shot that had none to the first. My arm was pretty sore the second time but that was it.

  2. We are told that having a reaction to the vaccine shows that it is working. So that's OK then 😁

  3. I think as you thought about the side effects, with no real symptoms for me after the first. Maybe I am in for a shock.

    Nevertheless, it sounds like you didn't let the effects get in the way too much.

  4. When Tim ran over your new plants I guess you said, "Oh that's okay honey, accidents happen. Can I get you a beer?"

  5. Debby - I had no reaction at all to my first Pfizer jab but after the second a month ago I felt decidedly 'off it' for two or three days.

  6. Our weather here in Missouri is similar to yours. This morning I got up and saw the temperature was 34 degrees! I have tomato plants in the garden. I had no idea it would get so cold on May 10! I sure hope the plants are alright! night before last we had 60 miles per hour winds and a power outage as a result of the wind. Yesterday was dreary, wet, and cloudy and I wasn't feeling the best.

    Whatever happened to spring?

  7. You never know about the shot. A 40-something neighbour rana temperature of 105.2 after the first jab. They were about ready to call the medics when it started going down. Meanwhile, his wife had no reaction whatsoever.

  8. I felt about like what you did only it was after the first shot. I didn't experience a thing after the second shot.

  9. Double vaccinated - as good as bomb proof then - good for you! Weather is pretty much always awful in Wales... or so it seems at times. But then the sun does come...

  10. My first jab was like that, but the second hardly anything at all. Lucky are those who get nothing both times. ps I like the revolvermap at the end of the page.

  11. My friend in WI had a bad reaction to the second shot. It was totally unexpected. She said it was OK for me to be knocked out for three days because I anticipated it. But taken by surprise was not part of the bargan.

  12. The jabs... ah, as Lewis Carroll wrote: "Beware the Jabberwock, my son! The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!"

    I can't get the jab or Jaberwock due to my Covid-related illness. If and when I do it will be with some trepidation after what Covid has done to me. I am tempted to just believe that the virus itself has vaccinated me naturally well enough.

    Hope you are fully better now.

    1. I really wondered about you given your terrible reaction to the virus itself. Ps your recuperation has been mind boggling.

  13. Your weather does suck. Yikes. I was really tired from the second shot. It felt like I napped a whole day away. Take care, hope you are feeling better and the weather improves.


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