Sunday, May 2, 2021


 This morning, we got up early and headed off to Corry to get our second covid shot. It is a relief to have them done. The guy giving my shot was hilarious. Everything went smoothly until it was time to put on my bandage. He hesitated for what seemed like an inordinate amount of time. I looked at him. He looked sheepish. 

"I got up this morning and I have no idea why, but I couldn't find my glasses. So I'm wearing my old ones and the needle is so small that I've been having an awful time putting the bandage on. I can't see the mark."

I laughed and pointed it out to him as he apologized. 

"No problem," I said. "Now if you would have missed my arm, I'd have been a little concerned."

We went to Walmart to pick up Tim's lunch meat and cheese for this week. He also needed Cheerios. 

Then we went up to work on the green house. The exterior is finished now. It just needs to have benches installed. Since it is really too late to be of much use this year, it can wait. I think it turned out great. I have flag stone to make a little walk way to it. The pots to the right of it are herbs. 

The little stone ringed flower garden to the left of the building. 
While we were at Walmart, I saw a hydrangea being clearanced out. I had a friend, some years back. She was the funniest person, and she really had the best laugh. Hydrangeas were her favorite flower. She died quite a while ago.  
I always think of Kathy when I see hydrangeas. 
So I picked this one up and planted it out front. 
She really would have gotten a kick out of this project.
This is my little gentleman rabbit. He's concrete. 
We go way back.

It was a beautiful day for working, but by the end of it, the wind really began to pick up. 
Rain is blowing in. Tim has tomorrow off. His company gives everyone the day after their second covid shot off with pay. We will probably just work in town tomorrow.


  1. That day off is a rather nice thing to do.

  2. You got a bandage ( band-aid ?) after your vaccination? We didn't. I feel cheated!
    The greenhouse looks lovely. A good job well done, as they say.

  3. Great job. That walled border looks so natural and like it's always been there. I suppose you could fill it with mushroom compost and plant vegetables and perennials and annuals in it?

  4. We have plenty of room in the garden for veggies. This is just for flowers. I shoveled in quite a bit of compost and planted violets, forget-me-nots, daisies, and lots of seeds. We will stand back and see that happens.

  5. That's a neat little building!
    No, we had no patch/bandaid either.

  6. What a nice green house, you will sure enjoy it I know. Nice pictures of Tim inside the green house. He looks hard at work. Have a great day, take a little time to just relax and get your breath, enjoy spring and the little signs of spring we are seeing pop up.

  7. No 'patches'? Oh my. It hardly makes it worth getting the shot does it? :) I think it's wasteful and unnecessary but it is the custom.

  8. I sometimes get a little dot of blood with my annual flu shot, but neither Covid shot did and the pharmacist didn't bother with a bandage either time.

  9. I must lose my specs ten times a day - I've tried everything but I'm hopelessly absent-minded. So I now have literally - no exaggeration - a dozen or so pairs strewn around the house. And I still can't find them at times!

  10. When I wore reading glasses, I just bought them a half dozen pairs at a time and scattered them all over the house. When I worked in the woods, I brought very brightly colored pairs of them so that I could always find/recognize them.

    Didn't help.

    On the plus side, when I was helping out at church, I found a stash of reading glasses. The secretary said, "I don't know how we wind up with so many pairs of glasses. You think people would miss them."

    I was going through them, and recognizing them, trying them on, and saying "Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine..."

    I finally gave up on them. I am not sure if my eyes self corrected or not. Now I don't wear them at all.

    I am really quite a strange woman.

  11. Good job on the greenhouse, and glad you gave the hydrangea a home! It's cool that Tim's company gives everyone a day off after the second shot. What a great idea, and a good incentive (for people who need one) to get vaccinated.

  12. Looking really good!

    Both times when I got my vaccine, they put on a new type of Band-Aid first and then injected the needle through the center mesh covered part of the Band-Aid. I had never seen anything like it. It didn't really save much time but after reading your post, I guess it did prevent those sorts of situations from happening.

  13. Interesting how attached we can become to our little concrete friends. I go way back with mine, too. Close to forty years, now.

  14. Northsider, it would be fun if I could jump in the truck and deliver some to you. It cost us $60 for the load. It is fine stuff. Don't you have mushroom farms there?

  15. Over here, a Cheerio is a little red sausage that you buy at the deli!

    Love your greenhouse


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