Friday, February 10, 2012

Long Awaited House tour part one.

Remember what the house looked like before?
Come on in! This is my little kitchen. It is homey, and of all my little kitchens, it is the kitchen that I love the most. Tim wants to replace the cupboards. I do not. Come on in, and have a seat. I'll make a cup of coffee.

What are you doing on the floor?

I replaced the exploding coffee pot.

It'll be okay.
My baker's rack with all its clutter.
Heading out into the dark hall...'ll see the foyer. The door to the right leads outside. The piece of door you see to the left leads into the livingroom. But if you turn left before you get to the livingroom, you'll see a 23 foot long hall. The humidifier runs pretty much constantly, and we have one on all three floors. This house sat vacant for many years, and radiators exploded. We do not have central heat. We discovered that the roof leaked around the chimney and that water was running into the center of the house right along that chimney. Tim got that taken care of. Still, without central heat, the house is damper than we would like, so we run the dehumidifiers and dump them daily. Still, it's a great house, and we expect that this situation will be mostly resolved once we get central heat next year. A picture grouping on the wall: Some sketches from Britain that Cara bought us (Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, and London Bridge), black ink sketch of Cloister Castle, which was one of Dylan's and Brianna's favorite places to go as young children, before there was a Cara, a drawing of the oldest Episcopal church in America, which we visited before there was a Dylan OR a Cara. There is also a slate from an old house in New Orleans, with a street scene. Cara bought that for us when she did mission work in New Orleans after the hurricane. It seemed cool to me how we had all these things, but they were packed away from a long time ago, and in the packing and the unpacking, we found them again, and realized that they all fit together perfectly, right there. This is the livingroom. Dark, ain't it? Lord knows I cannot take a picture to save my soul. Here's a better shot. The sofa is the one that I found just before Christmas. The chair is an old one that we had. They don't really match, but since we're buying furniture to last us the rest of our lives, we are cautious, careful to get exactly what we want. Since we haven't found exactly what we want, well, it is what it is. The living room is sparsely furnished. We have our couch, chair, that little table, a small wooden end table, and then the TV on another old library table that I rescued from a junk pile 27 years ago. I like that table, and it deserves a much better life than holding the television, the DVD/VCR and the satellite stuff. We hope to find a couple nice solid color wing chairs, and an armoire for the television stuff. Oh, and there is an antique sewing machine there as well. If you go through another set of french doors, you are in the library. The picture is dark. I'm not home during the days, usually, to get decent pictures.
This is the most imcomplete room on the first floor. It is the office. Tim just put heat out there. It will probably be the only space heater that will remain in place once we get central heating put in. This used to be the porch, and there is really not another way to heat it, since it has a concrete floor with ceramic tile laid over it.
Downstairs bathroom.
Our bedroom.
Probably an important note here is that there are no closets on the first floor. None. Nada. Zip. We have one closet on the second floor, and two on the third. It's a long walk for our clothes. Part of my 2012 physical fitness plan.
We've got two more floors to go. There are also several bloggers who have found a place in our house. I have given up promising ANYTHING, but I will try to get them in by next Friday.


Mikey said...

Looks beautiful! Love that hallway, and your kitchen too. Don't change the cabinets!!!
Can't wait to see the rest of it. What a huge house!

Caroline said...

What a nice house!

BUSH BABE said...

AWESOME tour... love it. You DO need to try that camera out in daylight hours... but LOVE that you are using it at all!

PS Guest bedroom for visiting blog-buddies??

Kelly said...

This was so much fun and I LOVE your house!!! I think you need to be on the lookout for an old fashined wardrobe to put your clothes in. (Narnia-style) I can just picture you in your cozy home now.

I did a walking tour in photos down to our pond this week on my blog, so I think posts like this are really fun.

Thanks SO much for sharing your pictures!

Kelly said...

Crud. I really can spell "fasioned". I just can't seem to proof-read before hitting publish.

Kelly said...

I did it again!!! FASHIONED (now it's starting to look funny to me)

Bob said...

What a great virtual tour. I like the library best. I can just see you sitting in that comfortable chair by the fireplace reading a book.