Friday, May 20, 2011

The First Floor of the House.

This is the house that everyone is dying to see pictures of. Tim has already hacked away the bushes in front of the house. This is what Tims do. The bushes were overgrown, way to close to the house, and we discovered rhododendrens and azaleas and interesting flowery stuff choked beneath the overgrowth. So hacking away the bushes from in front of the house was a very good thing.
Please excuse the picture taking skills. We will try again when we have more time. Welcome to the foyer. The picture doesn't show this, but you enter from the side of the house climbing a big broad porch. The door is heavy wood with full length glass. It opens with a skeleton key, believe it or not. Yes. We do have the original skeleton keys and the brass locks. The foyer is actually open in the front. It is probably 15 feet from front to back.
This is the living room, to the right of the foyer. If you open these doors, you would be going back to the foyer.

On the other side of the living room is yet another set of french doors. These open into the library. The fireplace is rigged with a gas log. It works. It made it all quite cozy. There is another room off the living room with its own glass paned door. It opens up into what will probably be an office.
This is the view from our downstairs bedroom. It's a horrible shot of the bedroom, which is actually quite nice. There is a narrow long window which will be above the bed. Do you see the hard wood floors here? We will be renting a sander and redoing all the floors, and then sealing them. We won't do that, however, until we get all the painting done. Which we won't do until we get all the cleaning done. Which we won't do until we get the water leak situation all straightened out. Yep. This is not going to happen over night. I'll remember to take lots of pictures, but remember, this are the 'before' pictures! The bedroom also has its own glass door. It matches the doors in the livingroom and library and office.
This is the downstairs bathroom. It does not have glass doors. It is right next to the bedroom. You would reach these two rooms by going back to the foyer, and then walking back past the stairs.

If you go back through the foyer, and walk in front of the stairs, you would be walking into the kitchen. In front of the island is a picture window that overlooks the back yard, and we are uncovering some wonderful stuff back there. In front of the picture window is a comfortable place for the dining room table to go.
So these are the seven rooms on the first floor. The kitchen has a covered back porch. There is a nice storage space for our freezer there as well.

This sneak peak of the second floor is for Bob. It's the guest room-to-be. We understand if you want to hold off on your visit.


Anonymous said...

What a nice house, with so much potential!

Kelly said...

This is wonderful!!! I already love it! It will be fun seeing it become what you and Tim want it to be.

Mary O. Paddock said...

Gorgeous place, Deb. I love the French doors, the fireplace, and old fashioned claw-footed tub.

Mikey said...

I love it! Love that tub and the hardwood floors!

A Novel Woman said...

I. Love. This. HOUSE! It has such good bones.

BB said...

AWESOME!!! Just love it... I can totally picture myself in that bedroom. Fire blazing away... or wallowing in that bath... or chatting over chardonnays in that kitchen.

Hal Johnson said...

Wow. What a house.

Bill of Wasilla said...

Nice house. There are no houses like that around here. Not a one.

Well, maybe in Palmer.

Sort of.

But in Wasilla?

Not a one.

Still, I like our house.

And the moose that hang out here.

Debby said...

You know, I think that I'd almost give up the house for a moose, Bill. Almost. Maybe. Except that I'd have to take Alaskan winters. I don't think that I'm an Alaskan winter type of gal. You and Margie have my sincere admiration.

Brianna said...

I would sincerely LOVE to see a moose! But I'm with you, Mom... I couldn't do the Alaskan winters. I like to be at least somewhat warm, LOL!

Roland Denzel said...

Beautiful house!

Bob said...

Oh this is great. You and Tim are going to have a lot of fun (and maybe frustration but mostly fun) fixing it up. Looking forward to following your progress!

Scotty said...

Looks Good, Debby - am looking forward to the 'after' pictures...