Saturday, December 4, 2021


 You know how facebook comes up with their 'on-this-day-memories'? Here is mine from 5 years ago: 

One of William's favorite things is slime. We make our own. When I found a recipe for gingerbread slime, I decided that it would be a nice project. So yesterday, he was at our house for a few hours, so we whipped up a batch. He poured in the glue and water, added the ginger and cinnamon, stirred it all up and began to add the glitter. He was shaking it out, and it was coming out very slowly. It would have taken an awfully long time I was off to the side mixing up the borax solution, and so I said, helpfully, "If you want, you can unscrew the top and dump it in, if you want." With his keen ear for rhymes, he said, "'Screw' and 'you' rhyme!" 

Wincing a little, I said, "Yes, they do. Well done," and as he stirred the glitter in to his mixture, he began softly chanting, "Screw you. Screw you..." 

I said, "What rhymes with yellow.?" We came up with fellow, hello, bellow, jello... 

Crisis narrowly averted.


  1. You two are being goofy! Nice to stay funny and lighthearted! What do you DO with the slime? Are you devoted Ghostbusters fans? Linda in Kansas

  2. Ha ha. We've had many close calls with our boys over the years too.

  3. Oh yes! The days of the slime craze.

  4. Ha! I wonder if he remembers that now.

  5. I just spent a day hauling seven bags of trash out of my youngest daughter's room, two of which were probably full of old jars of slime, slime kits, etc. I hope that phase is permanently behind me.

  6. It certainly took the finish off the kitchen table.

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  8. The worst is the glitter slime that gets imbedded in the finish. It has been banned from any wood furniture in our house.

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