Saturday, December 11, 2021

A Christmas Miracle

 When my children were little, it was a 'thing': Every year we brought them an ornament, and every year they hung their ornaments on the tree. When they were old enough to strike out on their own, the ornaments were given to them for their own tree, so that they had a collection of ornaments that came with happy memories already attached. 

Grandma Violet made one of these toy soldiers for each of the children. 
They were tags on gifts.


My son sent me a video. "How long do you think the batteries last in these things?" 

The answer appears to be 'up to 31 years...' 

She was a wonderful grandmother. A wonderful great grandma. I am sure that she would have been just as wonderful as a great great grandmother. 


  1. We did the same when my kids were little and I have ornaments from when I was a kid. That's amazing that the battery still works.

  2. Love it! We just finished decorating our tree, and just as she does every year, my wife told stories about the ornaments as she hung them.

  3. We always did the same. And isn't it funny that even after *mumble mumble* years, you can still pull them out and be so thrilled to be reminded. It always amazes me what I can forget, but with just one reminder, the floodgates open.

  4. some people can create some very special gifts.

  5. all people can, Red. I think a lot of them just don't know it.

  6. We had the same tradition with ornaments, though one of my children never took theirs with them. Since I no longer put up a big tree, that box (along with my own box of ornaments) hasn't left the closet in in years.

    It's amazing how long those batteries can last!!

  7. Boy, Kelly, I was pleased to see your comment and Bob's comment from yesterday as well. Those tornadoes were devastating. I'm glad you're okay. Hope all is well with the rest of you folks as well.

  8. What a great tradition! We didn't do that except randomly in my family and I wish we had. I have some very special ornaments that my girls made and a couple that late friends made for me. Those always go on the tree, even when I only have a 3 foot one.

  9. Ornaments make great memories! This was a cool way to equip your kids for their own celebrations.


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