Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Lazy Day

Me, on Sunday. After two long work weeks in a row, 

And so, Sunday morning, I got up when I was done sleeping. 
I drank my coffee in a leisurely way while reading blogs (gosh, I missed you all!) 

I also decorated the Christmas tree because I need a good jolt of holiday cheer. 
Tim even helped. He was excited because over the summer I scored two strings of bubble lights when two friends moved into a smaller house and began jettisoning things.

I wrote about Tim's 'thing' for bubble lights last holiday season. He's no less pleased with them this year.  As soon as I came down stairs with the lights, he was off the couch and helping. He even got rather fussy about making sure that the different colors were not positioned right next to each other.

 I enjoyed having him take part. 

Other than wrapping a few gifts, running the vacuum, and doing a few dishes, I did not do doodly squat and boy did it feel good. Back to work Monday morning, another 10 hour day, but at least I felt like I've had a break. 

Late Edit: When I got home from work, Tim had the tree plugged in. 

It tickles me how much he loves those bubble lights. 


  1. Good for Tim..doing things together is important...as are lights this time of year!

  2. Those lights are lovely. Our grandson is fascinated with the tree and wants to know what each ornament is. "What dis?"

    You're a tougher woman than I am. I couldn't do ten hour shifts anymore.

  3. I love those bubble lights! A few years back we had lights that you could adjust to different settings. One made them just one color then changed slowly, one blinked, one solid, and one went really fast blinking. You can guess which one the kids loved!

  4. I have never heard "doodly squat." It has always been "diddly" here. Somehow, I love that we can 'talk' about this. 😁

    1. Most say diddly squat. That strikes me as past tense. I do doodly. Yesterday I did diddly.

  5. Those lights are awesome. Kind of like lava lamps for a tree! (Well, not quite, but similar effect.)

  6. We have always had (boring) plain white non flashing lights at Christmas. When P was trying all the light switches in our new house today he found we have "magic lighting" installed . A remote control gadget lets you scroll through multi colour, flashing or fading options. A disco dancing effect in our sitting room!

  7. Don't you and the mister go getting all Saturday night lively now...

  8. Decorating does help us get in the Christmas mood.

  9. I love the look of those lights! I realized when I was around my grandson that I appear to be the only one in the world who sings "eensy weensy spider" instead of "itsy bitsy." Hmmm.

  10. There are amazing things done with lighting since the advent of LEDs and they cost almost nothing to run.

  11. I feel like I'm inundated with stuff to do. I still haven't even begun to do my holiday newsletter (which I send out at New Years). And here you are getting some things done while having a 10 hour work day.


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