Monday, December 20, 2021

Christmas Spirit

 William came into the house clutching a candy cane. His mother and Don had taken him out to see the Christmas lights. Two houses in particular have gone 'all out'. One has a broadcast on a very local radio frequency. You can tune in as you approach the house and listen to Christmas music as the lights blink on and off in time to it. There are a lot of lights. 

Another family begins decorating as soon as they take their massive Halloween display down. Lights and various tableaux. This year there were even people dressed up as characters from favorite Christmas movies. The Grinch. Ralphie in his pink bunny pajamas holding his bb gun. Santa Claus. The cars made their way through as the characters waved, and at the end, they handed out candy canes. 

Sort of the opposite of a parade, I guess. The spectators moved through, and the activity played out along the side lines. 

What a great gift to the community's children in these dark days of covid! 


  1. Those holiday displays are, indeed, a delight our children can enjoy this holiday season to, hopefully, offset how our lives have been upset by this pandemic. Glad your William could enjoy them.

  2. My brother and his wife love to decorate for the holidays and invite people to peek in their front window at their huge Christmas village which now takes up the whole front room of their home. Sometimes my brother will put on his Santa outfit and greet the visitors. Every room in their home has its own Christmas tree and they just love it all so much!

  3. I guess I'm a scrooge. I think those sorts of displays are missing the point of Christmas.

  4. As you will see in a day or three, we photographed some lights around town. In other years there has been a fabulously decorated house that also played music via radio. It is rural, and they didn't light up this year as they are busy with a new baby.

  5. I'm always amazed at how "into it" some people get!

  6. I always appreciate it when others take the time to decorate their gardens for others to enjoy. Near us there's a whole road where the neighbours have all done it to raise money for charity. Arilx

  7. I hope that you don't mind me hijacking your blog, Aril, but everybody go over and take a look at what they are doing in her neck of the woods:


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