Wednesday, December 1, 2021


Remember the fellow who put 'covid' in air quotes when asked about a co-worker who died from it? 

And, do you remember how I told you all (probably multiple times) that I can be a pretty oblivious person? It's worse now. My life has been changed at work by podcasts. I plug something in and I listen and I work. 

Anyways, on break, I became aware of some chatter. Two people who came to work were shipped out for covid tests. They haven't come back to work. They were told to get tested or to take the next two weeks off. One of them, ironically, is 'Air Quotes'.

That's certainly a change from when I was sick, and was handed a document I was supposed to sign (but didn't) for missing two days of work, a violation of the attendance policy. 

I commented about that change to the person talking. "Something's up," I said. "Are there people missing from work?" 

She looked at me as if I were stupid. "Yeah, that whole back corner..." gesturing. 


I thought they'd all taken a long weekend. 


...maybe not. 

Tim and I have appointments for boosters this week. 


  1. I read there is a FB page where you can pour scorn on anti vaxxers, anti maskers and on non Covid believers who have died from Covid. There is also a Reddit group named after a Covid denying politician where you can also add your 'told you so', views.

    Instinctively to me that sounds great but then the person is dead and won't see your self righteous vitriol and all your remarks will do is cause distress to the dead's surviving family, who I would hope rush to get vaccinated while wearing a mask.

    I like so much that you are 'lippy' at work. I hope lippy is understood.

  2. That's a great nickname: Mr Air Quotes.

  3. I have to wait another three weeks before I can get boosted.

  4. Perhaps Dr. Oz will change things if he becomes your next Senator, but going off past associations, probably not likely.

  5. Yikes! We have individuals here and there who are out, but not a cluster, at least as far as I'm aware.

  6. Nothing like consistency from an employer to make employees feel valued.

    I always feel a little good when someone, who was vocally unvaccinated or who thought covid was a hoax, gets covid. I don't want them to die but I feel vindicated and want to say, "I told you so!" , really loudly. I don't of course but inside my head, I do. Mind you, I say a lot of things inside my head that I would never say out loud:)

  7. Tasker, I am waiting for northsider or yp to suggest it as a prog rock band name

  8. What about Air Guitar Quotes?

    Seriously I think you're winning at work Debby. To use an English saying: "The pennies finally dropped".

  9. Seconding Northsider's comment

  10. Glad you are getting your boosters!
    My daughter caught Covid at work even tho she was vaccinated. Too many people at her job did not get the vaccine and don't wear masks. She felt really crummy for 2 weeks and still gets so tired sometimes (and she is only 32!)

  11. Air Guitar Quotes. That's funny.

  12. I found that I want to give your ‘bosses’ a talking to.

  13. Where I am and where I work, Debby, we haven't had covid in the neighbourhood - thanks to very firm borders and state government policies it has been held relatively at bay.

    However - it is all about to change, because the borders are going to open in about 2 weeks and we are expected to be vaccinated.

    There are so many who are not getting vaccinated because "they don't believe in it" (look at me using the air quotes now) or "the vaccine is a scientific experiment" (because the disease is such a known quantity).

    I work indirectly in an industry that has a mandate that is going to be enforced - and because our workplace is one that has that component, the majority of our workers are expected to be double vaccinated by 17th December.

    The outrate and hue and cry is ridiculous. They don't like to be told what to do etc, etc ad nauseum.

    My little team of far flung individuals - first cabs off the ranks. Probably knocked them over in the rush to show our vaccination status.

    I wish to goodness the simple facts out there were:
    * do it so you lessen the risk in the first place
    * do it so you lessen the risk of severe disease for yourself
    * do it so you lessen the risk of widespread transmission
    * do it so you lessen the impact on the healthcare system
    * do it for your community so those who genuinely cannot get some of the lessened risk goodness
    and in the industry that I work in
    * do it so you lessen the risk to clients

    Not rocket science.

    Instead it's all "you won't be able to go to the pub/footy/overseas unless you are" focused.

  14. I get so tired of hearing the whiney babies.


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