Thursday, December 2, 2021


 Well, yesterday at morning meeting, they gave the 'covid briefing'. In the middle of it, one of the scoffers who happened to be standing next to me began scoffing (as they do) when they spoke of the social distancing. His wife works there, and he began his rant, 'We sleep in the same bed. We live in the same house..." He is a bit of a brownnoser, so he was not being loud enough for the supervisors to hear, but he wanted to make sure that anyone in his vicinity knew what HE thought about covid. 

I turned to him and said plainly, 'They have already addressed the issue of people who live together."  I stared at him. He stared at me. He muttered. "Yeah, I know." I said, "Well, it sounded as if you missed it." He was quiet for the rest of the meeting.

During the course of this meeting, they also said, "There are not any cases in our department." 

Listening, I thought, 'Well, that's nonsense. When they are sending people out to be tested, there HAS to be positives in our group.' 

At break, someone said that what they had actually said was "There are not ONLY cases in our department." 

That makes a lot more sense. 

There are two people out with covid. The two people they sent out to be tested Tuesday did not return to work yesterday. I'm not sure what's going on in the rest of the building. 


  1. Maybe you should set up a second blog called 'Debby speaks out at work'. But mishearing something means you need to be very sure of your facts before you open your mouth. I'v never personally come across a non Covid believer or anti vaxxer. I am not sure how I would deal with them.

  2. It is going to be interesting if vaccination is made compulsory (as in some countries soon).

  3. Oh, I did not discuss anything until break. I was still fact finding

  4. "Well, it sounded as if you missed it."


  5. Gee, it's getting pretty tense there. I can only presume everyone in the meeting was wearing a mask? Even if you find out who the anti-vaxxers are, you won't be able to change their mind at this point. Put your efforts into protecting yourself and your family. Different companies have different rules for those exposed to a covid case. Some say if the person exposed is vaxxed and has no symptoms "to come on down" to work. Others say 10 days at home, whether vaxxed or not, symptoms or not. It's exhausting. I have two stupid coworker nurses in home health that won't get vaxxed: their excuses aren't medically valid. Linda in Kansas

  6. It is very easy to tell the antivaxers. They are very vocal.

  7. I bet you cannot wait to get out of there. What date is your last day?! You need to plan a nice celebrations! :)

  8. One has to be on their toes these days. I'm glad you shut the anti vaxxer up.

  9. People are frustrated, which I totally get, but the answer isn't to pretend it's harmless and mock or ignore the health regulations. Glad you said something to him. Maybe he'll think twice now.

  10. I would find it scary to work there, but I am sure that you take what precautions you can.


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