Thursday, December 30, 2021

Happy New Year

 Today, they came around and told us we could leave at 11:30. It's hard to know what's going on, but I did not look a gift horse in the mouth. I have a 3.5 day weekend, I'll spend part of it undecorating the house and getting everything back to rights, but it will also be nice to have some true R and R. 

Happy 2022. Don't let it scare you that it sounds like '2020, too', when you say it. 

At our house, the traditional New Year's day meal is pork and sauerkraut. I do not know why. Tim doesn't LIKE pork and sauerkraut despite his German name.

Levi tells us that it is their traditional New Year day meal as well. The Amish also explain it. Pigs nose forward, and you should always move forward in the New Year. He cautions that you should never eat chicken on New Year Day. Chickens scratch backwards and that is a bad way to start a new year. 

What are the holiday traditions in your neck of the woods?


  1. Gosh, I didn't know the meat chosen for New Year's was based on the animals' walking patterns. But doesn't a pig ever "back up?"
    In Oklahoma, we were supposed to eat black eyed peas and corn bread. I hate black eyed peas. I've just chanced with my luck I guess. In my travels to the south, I've seen grits prepared in many ways, but can't recall seeing black eyed peas on any restaurant's menu. I can handle my recipe of ham and beans: tons of ham, pinto beans, onion, and a dash or two of cinnamon keeps them from tasty bland and mushy.

    Enjoy your days' off. Sounds like the company realized it needed to budget for those mandatory overtime days, and didn't. Linda in Kansas

  2. That's funny, about pigs vs. chickens. I honestly don't have any New Year's traditions. Except to go to bed well before midnight! LOL

  3. I've never had a traditional NY meal--perhaps left overs? This year I don't have any so I'll probably have pizza or something easy. Nice to have days off and time to relax!

  4. We eat collard greens, black eye beans and pork. Some people add sauerkraut to the pork. That is in Florida. Freah greens are so hard to get clean when they are right from the field. My daughter cooks a big pot of them so she puts them in the washer with cold water and on gentle cycle and they come out really clean and ready for the pot.

  5. Black-eyed peas, cabbage, and rice. And I'll cook pork chops for my husband.

    I'd never thought about how 2022 sounds aloud. Nope, it's going to be a better year than its two predecessors.

  6. Happy 2022 too, to you. This could get messy.

    We don't have any New Year traditions at all. The pig and chicken thought is interesting.

  7. Collards for money, black eyed peas and rice for luck. Oh, and you can't wash any clothes or laundry on New Year's Day or you'll "wash away" a family member. In fact, it's best to have all the cleaning done so nothing is left over from the old year. And the tree must be down and packed away.

    These are the things we do in eastern South Carolina.

  8. I love sauerkraut but it's a rather odd menu for New Years. Enjoy and have a happy 2022.

  9. Christmas is well celebrated in our family, but new Years isn't really very much.

  10. Happy New Year! Hope 2022 will be a healthy, happy year for you!


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