Thursday, November 4, 2021

Happy As A Pig in Mud

Tim's shiny new truck is sitting in the driveway. It's up on jacks, and he's waiting for some parts. 

Truth be told, it kind of pissed me off to see it when I pulled in the driveway after work a couple days ago. We've got an old truck already. Two of them, actually. Three if you want to count the one he's got stored in the garage of... 

Okay. We will stop counting because it really does irk me. 

Anyways, I got out of the car and said to Tim, "What's wrong with the truck?"

He began to list parts that are on the way. 

Using the severe tones of a wife who has tried to make this point for going on 24 years now, I said, "Tim, why do you get things that need to be repaired? Honestly, we spent a lot of money on a truck that you were so tickled with. You loved this truck. This was your retirement truck. Now I've got another truck ripped apart in the driveway." 

He stood there with the look of a man who has heard this for 24 years and still doesn't understand. "But I  do love this truck."

"But TIM...." I said with an impatient wave of my hand in the general direction of the torn apart truck.

He spoke in the exaggeratedly patient tones of a husband who's been trying to explain this point for going on 24 years now. "This truck is perfect. The bodywork has all been done, and it will last forever. Mechanically, it needs some tweaking, the clutch and there is something wrong with the steering, but this truck was made before they computerized everything. There is not one thing that can go wrong on this truck that I can't fix myself."

To be fair, I have heard that before. 

I stopped complaining and went into the house and started supper. 


  1. Some things in life one is just not meant to understand and you have to accept. Worry about the day when Tim doesn't dream of restored and perfectly running trucks.

  2. That's marriage in a nutshell right there--you just have to let some things go or it will drive you crazy!

  3. On the whole, you seem quite patient with each other.

  4. It could be worse. He could be into expensive exotic cars that depreciate more in a year than he will probably every spend on that truck.

  5. Men with fix up projects, I know it well. As my current boyfriend says, "At least it keeps me out of the bars." :) He's not into trucks, but loves getting small broken machines, fixing them and then selling them for a profit on Offer Up.

  6. I think Tim and my dad might be related. He's always in love with a vehicle until he sees another one that he can't live without. Hope it all works out with his new love.

  7. The eternal mysteries of marriage!

  8. Well at least he didn't buy another HOUSE!

  9. So we agree to disagree and go on. I've been there before.

  10. Yup... Some things you just have to let go and make supper.


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