Sunday, November 21, 2021

Love and Plague

 My county has the third highest death rate (per capita) in the state of Pennsylvania. It's a little  sobering to me to see that while we are losing a great many of our elderly, covid has also begun to affect the younger people. A couple weeks ago, two mothers in their forties were lost. In the past three days, a old coworker lost her younger brother, and yesterday, a fellow that I used to work with died of it. 

I wonder how much longer people can continue to argue against masks and vaccines? 

This was on facebook. I usually find my own stories, but this one boggled my mind. I hope I don't get in trouble for retelling it:

A couple walking through the Walmart saw an old classmate, and stopped to visit. His wife was not with him, so they asked after her. Turned out she had died of covid last month. 

They had not heard this and were terribly embarrassed to have brought it up, but the man launched into such a matter of fact retelling of the events that led to her death that at some point, they felt comfortable enough to ask if she had been vaccinated. 

"Nope," the man replied, explaining that they did not believe in that.

"You're not vaccinated either? After all of that?" they asked a little incredulously. 

"Nope," said the man, and went on to tell them that he'd had covid "many times" and that it wasn't a big deal. 

The couple stood gaping and unsure what to say next. 

A woman walked up to the man and stood next to him. "Oh hey, he said, "let me introduce you to my girlfriend."

I read the thing to Tim and he laughed a little at the craziness of our world. 

"Listen," I said, "If I die, Imma need you to fake cry for a bit longer than a month before you take up with your new woman." 

He laughed out loud. 

"I'll haunt you," I said. 


  1. You just blew my mind twice in one post.

  2. Wow. My ex father in law did the same though, had girlfriend a month later; sold the land my mother in law wanted to pass onto her kids and spent the money. Pure class.

  3. So, if he's not vaxxed, he could end up infecting and killing his new girlfriend. Then he starts all over again the next month.
    It's amazing the number of idiots. We can't change their minds. I would've done some BIG steps back after he answered that he was unvaxxed, and run out of the store. Sad.
    Lotsa wealthy funeral directors now.
    Linda in Kansas

  4. The world is full of strange people - really strange ones!

  5. Wow idiot people, the word shallow comes to mind!

  6. It is not a good look at all. I wonder if he may have talked his dead wife into not getting the vaccine with his fingers crossed that she wouldn't.

  7. Sounds like "Easy Come and Easy go" for some people. Nothing anyone can say to help them

  8. Well whether that Facebook story was true or not you made me smile this morning, Debby.

  9. Jaycee - I believe the story is true, knowing the poster. But, it would be nice to think it's not.

  10. Not to sound cold, but eventually Covid will take care of the unvaccinated problem. They will either die or get used to recovering from it. The unfortunate part is all the people who get break through infections due to their thoughtlessness.

  11. Wow, he's a COVIDIOT and his wife's death didn't seem to affect him much,

  12. Some still argue they won't get vaccinated because they don't know what's in it. They're quick enough to get vaccinated if necessary to travel to certain countries they want to visit. They might even have had polio and tetanus vaccinations. They don't know what's in those either. I don't know everything that was in the pub meal I had last week.

  13. Dear God. There is so much about this world (and the people in it) that I just do not understand.

  14. I'm with Steve. I don't get it at all. Are people really that stupid and/or selfish? That may have been a rhetorical question.

  15. It's not always easy trying to muster up sympathy for those who choose not to get vaccinated. What's sad are the cases like the young woman in my area who didn't get vaccinated because at that point many doctors were not recommending it for pregnant women. She evidently got Covid while in the hospital having her baby and died of complications several weeks later... leaving behind a grieving husband with a newborn.

    I'd be concerned if I were that man's new girlfriend, for several reasons!

  16. Not only are we still in the middle of the COVID19 pandemic, we remain in a pandemic of ignorance. Stupid people braying like donkeys about vaccination and personal freedom, fed on social media hogwash while egotistically ignoring the obvious fact that sometimes human societies need to work together for the good of us all.

  17. I was in training today - over half of our work is looking after disabled people, and it has now been mandated that if you are to do so, you must be vaccinated.

    There are people who will be leaving my work because "they don't like to be told what to do".

    I remain gobsmacked that people are not choosing to get vaccinated because it is the right thing to do for our society, our health care workers and it is the only weapon we have to turn the tide, myself.


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