Wednesday, November 17, 2021

All is calm...

 Today, I came home from work to an empty house. It has been a while since that has happened. I started supper. 

I decided to soak some beans for supper and got my little canister of dried navy beans from the garden. Disappointingly, they were moldy. Note to self: read more about drying beans before next year. 

I dumped the beans into the garbage, and then carried the bag out to the bin. The little cat sat quietly watching me. It has been a while since I saw him. I asked him if he was hungry and he did not say no, so I went inside and got him a dish of kitty kibble. He was waiting patiently, right where I left him. I set his bowl down and talked to him, but he would not come close until I went back inside. I watched him eating from the window in the door.

Tim got home about an hour after I did. His first day back was okay. It seems like they are beginning to run out of work. They handed out more 90 day notices while he was gone. Those people will be gone probably some time in January. His department will be one of the last to go, so no notice for Tim. 

That's it, really. 


  1. Poor puss. I’m glad you can help out. the cat lady here would trap it, inoculate and neuter. She would then remove even on a farm if the cat could not adapt to actual domestication. She is quite awesome.

  2. I meant rehome not remove. Autocorrect .

  3. It must be troubling to be living under the threat of notice at work; I can imagine the stress it would have caused me earlier in life especially when I had a young family. I guess it is one of the benefits of being self-employed that work is more ebbs and flows than a binary 'on or off'.

  4. Sorry to hear about your Tim's work worries. Sad and stressful for him. Does he know what he might do next?

  5. Before I raise dried beans for the first time next year, I too will need to do similar research.

  6. Bummer about the beans! I know nothing about drying beans so sadly I have no advice. Glad Tim can hang on a while longer.

  7. It is not a stressful time for Tim. He's closing out the shop, and then he'll retire, just as I will when my job is done. We are the same age. No worries there. Unlike most, he's longing to be handed his 90 day notice. No stress for Tim.

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  9. I'm relieved to hear this about Tim. Actually, I'm relieved for both of you.


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