Saturday, November 6, 2021


Yesterday morning, I woke up at 4:45 (five minutes before the alarm) and sighed luxuriously. I said, "Oh, I'm so glad I don't have to go to work today. I love Saturday." 

From the other side of the bed, Tim said, "'s Friday."

I guess that I was dreaming something but crushing disappointment is not the best way to start a day. 

But, yesterday passed, and Friday night came. A chicken breast had been simmering in the crockpot all day with celery and onion and seasoning. I cut up potatoes, leaving the skins on, boiled them and then mashed them with butter and cream. I thickened the simmering chicken to make a good gravy, added some peas, and dinner was ready. 

I went to bed Friday night with the heady knowledge that I could sleep as long as I felt like sleeping. Saturday morning I slept in until 5:30. I tried to fall back asleep but could not. (I HATE that) Finally at 6, I got up and began cutting and seeding my pumpkins to roast in the oven for pumpkin puree. 

The first load of laundry is in the washer. An ambitious person would be switching the loads instead of drinking coffee at the computer. (Can't wait until she shows up.)

We had our first snow on Wednesday. It really was the most peculiar day. It snowed big fat flakes that caused us all to marvel as we worked away. Then it would stop, and the sun shone brilliantly. The sky would darken. Some rain would happen along, and then it would turn to sleet and then once again, it was snowing those big fat flakes. We watched the four seasons during our half hour lunch break, and the cycle repeated itself for the entire day, probably 7 or 8 times. There was, of course, no accumulation. The ground is too wet and warm for that, but it made for an interesting day, watching the weather change outside. We all couldn't stop commenting on those changes. 

My first pumpkin is out of the oven, and ready to be skinned and cut up and simmered. We are having a nice pumpkin soup for supper tonight, and I will have the makings for some pumpkin pies on Thanksgiving. 


  1. I'm impressed that you said something out loud at 4:45 in the morning. If I did that, still-sleeping Dave would kill me! LOL!

  2. You seem pretty ambitious to me, Debby. After all, computer time is important, too. I love to hear your descriptions of what's cooking. I have mayacoba beans simmering in the crockpot for our lunch and the smell is driving me wild. Maybe it's time to go start on the fixings to go with them...

  3. You can be forgiven for messing up the days when we awaken that ealty. That tends to happen here, even later int he day, although we are now getting back into a more regular routine as things open up a bit.

  4. Tonight we get the extra hour of sleep since we are setting the clocks back! Of course, now I will probably wake at 3 am for my used-to-be 4 am bathroom break! Can't win!?! :)
    Have a nice weekend!

  5. Enjoy the rest of the weekend and have fun with your pumpkins.

  6. That always irritates me, when I have the chance to sleep in and I wake up at my work time.

    You'll have a chance tomorrow morning to get that extra hour of sleep. Have a good weekend.

  7. Okay, I have to admit, Kelly, you sent me running to google to read about mayacoba beans. I have never heard of them.

    William helped me with the pumpkins today, and we have a 12 quart stock pot of pumpkin, along with a nice pumpkin soup (easy peasy: beef broth, one 12 oz kielbasa sliced, simmer with onions, garlic, paprika, a good dash of cayenne. Blend with stick mixer, add about half a stick of butter, add non-fat half and half to taste. If necessary, add salt (we don't usually find it necessary) Serve with warm bread.

    He was pretty excited about making supper for his own family to take home. He even made hors d'oeurves. Until he tasted the soup, and discovered he's not such a fan of pumpkin soup.

    Steve, Tim is the most peculiar person, the sort of person who wakes up in the morning, alert and ready to go. He doesn't even drink coffee, the weirdo. If he's asleep and you speak quietly, he hears you right away. The first time the furnace kicked on, he told me about it first thing in the morning. He was amazed that I didn't wake up when it happened. He also goes to bed mulling something over and wakes up with a solution. It's like his mind does not shut down. But for all that, he also drops off to sleep like you've flicked a switch.

    And yes...I am looking forward to my hour, although it probably means that I'll wake up even an hour earlier. :(

  8. Is it true that the older you get, the more interesting weather becomes? Or at least the more you talk about it.

  9. Only when it cycles like that. I honestly don't believe I've ever seen anything like it. I'm glad that you guys got rain though!

  10. I think I could only spout gibberish at 4AM but then I possibly spout gibberish a lot.
    Your crockpot dinner sounds wonderful especially as these days are getting colder. In fact all your talk of food has my stomach growling, and it also sounds like gibberish!

  11. Pull up a chair Bob...we've got plenty.


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