Monday, November 1, 2021

Stupid Day

My gosh what a day! To make matters worse, it was a ten hour day. It was one never ending brain cramp.  I was forever climbing under my desk to pick up dropped stuff. Repeatedly. I mislaid papers, lost my scissors. For whatever reason, every account seemed to take twice as long. My numbers are going to be abysmal today. 

Finally, it was done. I walked out of work and I was more than a little glad to be walking out of work. On the way to the car, I dropped my name badge 3 (count 'em!) times. 

Tomorrow's another ten hour day. 


Late Edit: And just because it was not done 'mondaying', I came home to just a flurry of spam calls. I hung up on them without comment. Next thing I know I'm getting another round of phone calls, this from folks in Mississippi of all places. Seems MY number has been showing up in their caller ID multiple times through out the night. 

The first woman shrieked, "WHO IS THIS?" 

Me: (a bit taken back) "You called me. I don't have any idea who I'm talking to, and I don't give out any information over the phone." 

Her: "Oh yeah???!!!! Well, you've been calling me all night long and I've reported you to the police, so you have a good. f***ing day!" 


Sometimes I couldn't even understand them, given the amount of mad side by side with that deep southern accent. 

Not every Mississippi caller was bad news, though. I talked to two very nice people. 


  1. Oh yes... definitely. I've had several of those days actually. I know tomorrow will be better for you. Fingers crossed. :-)

  2. Ten hours is definitely too long!

  3. The ringer on our home phone has been turned off for over a year now. I just check messages which rarely are left. I miss those days when I excitedly answered the phone to see who might be wanting to talk to me.

    I never put my cellphone number on any sort of form for any business. I only give it to actual people I know and try to keep it sacred so it doesn't get on robocall lists. Still, by just randomly dialing, I still get a few but don't answer unless your contact information pops up or I am expecting a call back.

  4. Frustrating thing about my cell phone number is that it belonged to a young man in town. I know who he is. I get a LOT of texts about CBD oil (and gummies), penis enhancements, student loans, and now, buy houses NO MONEY DOWN! I get calls from some people who leave some pretty questionable messages. It used to be that I tried to explain this was no longer James' phone number, but now I've simply given up and don't answer them at all. After two years, James still gets more phone calls than I do.

  5. There is some sort of software that scammers use that creates a fake number for caller ID. Maybe your number got used like that? They can also make the caller ID show a local number because we are much more likely to answer a local call.

  6. I just don't answer if I don't recognize who is calling.
    Sorry you had a bad day! Hope tomorrow is much better!!

  7. It's called spoofing your number and has been going on for quite a while. Maybe it's just now come to Mississippi. People here used to get quite mad too until we figured it out.


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