Saturday, November 20, 2021

56 More Days

I stewed about the work situation all night. I gave myself time to get over my 'mad', and to look at it rationally. What it came down to was what we receive in on a daily basis is roughly what we get done. We are keeping up. It is correct that we are not working on Thanksgiving, but we also will not be getting a delivery on Thanksgiving. There will be no one there to meet the truck. Yes. That might mean we get a bigger volume of work on Friday, but if we do, we would be able to catch up that work the week after Thanksgiving, working overtime then, if necessary. People plan for holidays ahead of time, and travel plans are made, festivities are planned. Announcing 10 hour days and Saturday in the midst of the planning requires changes of plans. 

It could have been done another way, one that showed a bit more consideration of the employees. 

So we had our morning meeting which basically is what we are getting in vs what we got finished. After that, the question is asked, "So, do you have anything for us?"

I said "Yes," and began carefully thought out comments about the overtime. 

One supervisor leaned in to the other and said, "Oh, boy...." 

I said, "Don't do that. I'm trying to be respectful and reasonable here. You cheerfully announce it's Friday, it's payday, everybody is supposed to be happy about that, but really, if you are concerned about morale, I think it's not about being a cheerleader. It's about being considerate of the employees."

Her eyes got wide. 

I went on with my talking, pointing out that we were moving into a holiday season next month, and that I hoped that the company would be a bit more aware of their employees. 

In the end, it was said, in words to this effect: "the decisions made are what is best for the company and that we were welcome to put in for days off if we needed them" (note that they already announced that they were limiting employee time off during this season to meet company needs.) 

When we went to our desks, I got a bunch of 'you're rights', thumbs up, nods of assents, one high five and even a salute.

I also got called to the conference room. 

The manager said, "I hope you are settled down." 

Me: "I'm not angry. I was angry yesterday, but that's why I kept silent yesterday. I spent a lot of time thinking about how to handle this last night."

Turns out they were mad, though. mostly about the fact that I had "mocked leadership", ridiculing the supervisor as being a cheerleader. They also felt quite strongly that the next time I had a complaint I needed to use proper channels, speaking to them privately, not in a group.

I said, "It was a group concern." 

They denied it. 

I said, "Well, there are quite a number of people who were pleased to see the issue brought up." 

They said they had been approached by many people who thought I was completely out of line. I sat there listing them in my head. In any job, there will be those who focus on currying favor with management. I said, "If offense was taken, that was not my intent. I apologize." 

They said that HR was aware of my behavior and they weren't going to write me up 'this time'. 

They can't. Employees have a federally protected right to discuss grievances and to bring them to the attention of management without fear of reprisal. 

The supervisor said in a very stern tone that I was not 'the voice of the people'.

I went back to my desk, and people began to come over to see if I got in trouble. "They're not happy," I said. "They feel that it was brought to their attention via the wrong way." A supervisor watched us from across the room. 

Management's complaint is how I handled my complaint. What is very clear is that they are not receptive to actually addressing my complaint. 


  1. Dear brave Debby facing up to management, shame they are so, not sure of the words to describe them as they act sheep like for the business of the company and roll over their employees in a pretty despicable way.

  2. Debby, this is mistreatment. Plain and simple. Reading this made my blood boil! How dare they act this way!

  3. I don't know anything about your employment laws but here that sort of treatment would more than likely be classed as bullying and the employee woukd be entitled to take action against the company.

  4. The company you work for sucks big time and the managers are a bunch of bullies. I'm so glad you stood up to them. I was right about them being Scrooges.

  5. Well done YOU!! So pleased that you took the situation and calmly shook it by the scruff of the neck- a warning, bullies can not bully all of the time everyday unless people (you) stand up , we give you thumbs up and high fives and respect, which is all you were asking for in the first place. Your company management is toxic, needless to say. And you are a breath of fresh air, a salve, a healer ! Yes, WELL
    DONE YOU!!

  6. How frustrating for you and your co-workers! A company that listens to their employees and works together with them always has happier employees with less turnover and better production results.
    Your 56 days will go quickly and I bet you can't wait!

  7. Well done you..and their attitude sucks!

    Your analysis is correct, but they won't change. I bet you will be glad when you have finished there.

  8. These people you work for sound completely unreasonable. It seems to me they feel they have the upper hand and have no need to take care of the employees, and they don't like being called out on it.

  9. Good for you for speaking up. You are very brave and I admire you for it. Your supervisors are scared. There's a shortage of workers right now and they'd better remember that.

  10. It was all turned around to how you complained and not about the complaint itself. Management rule #101. Progress depends on people speaking up.

  11. Wow. They really don't give a hoot about their employees. And bully them. Do you have to stay there? It would be great if you could arrange a mass walk out.

  12. And really, what’s the worst thing that can happen? They fire you? As I recall, this gig is something you elected to do and you and Tim are about to cross the retirement finish line. I’m guessing they won’t fire you because of what they’re getting out of you. But if they do? I have a feeling you’ll sleep just fine. Well done.

  13. Bob, you have hit the nail on the head. The knowledge is tremendously freeing. However it works out is fine.

  14. Too bad they're such jerks, but you civilly stood up for yourself and the others who can't speak up. Balance your need for the job vs your health and sanity, because they aren't changing. Yep, they should be scared that you and others will quit! The company sounds a little Nazi-like to me. Hang in there with whatever you do or decide! Linda in Kansas

  15. I worked for a company like that. They ripped a strip off me in front of everyone about a mistake I had made. It had been corrected before it left the building.......... Anyway. I went home and the next morning called and told them to take their job and shove it. Then went to Manpower and reported all the illegal stuff they were doin. Got fined $10.000. Don't mess with me boys. Barb from Canada

  16. I know you’re making a whack of dough, but do you really need this treatment? I am not saying, just asking.

  17. Wow! Bob pretty much said what I was going to say.


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