Saturday, November 27, 2021

The Little Happies

Last year, we got our granddaughter a little dollhouse for Christmas. During my last trip there, I noticed she was much excited about Halloween, and there was nothing more thrilling than playing 'trick or treat'. So I got the idea to let her play Christmas with her 'guys', which is her collective name for the array of little people who live in her dollhouse.
Santa is coming to the dollhouse, and he has tiny little stockings to be hung on the stairwell. 
(They are on a sparkly pipecleaner to make it easier to attach them).'The Guys' have the little tree up and ready for the tiny gifts Santa is bringing to go beneath it.
It looks as if 'The Guys' have been very good this year, doesn't it? 
They have a mailbox filled with tiny little cards in tiny little envelopes from familiar people.

Outside the dollhouse, it has snowed. (Two packages of flocking will make that magic.) The guys can go sled riding. They can build a snowman. If the snowman wants to come to life and play with 'The Guys', that's perfectly acceptable as well. Anything can happen when you live in a dollhouse and are loved by a 3 year old with a wonderful imagination. 

There are other things: a wreath for the front door. A string of battery operated lights to go across the roof. Today I will work on the cookie sheets to slide in and out of the little oven. I could go nuts here, but it is time to get it all packed up and on its way. 

As always, I have a cheap phone, and I am not a photographer, so my apologies to the people who are. You will have to use your imaginations, I guess. 


LATE EDIT: I don't want to mislead everyone and have you thinking that everything is handcrafted. It's not. I'm not especially clever at things like that. Santa is a tree ornament. So is the snowman and the sled. The tree is a premade thing for a Christmas village with glittery foam decorations. The wreath is actually a rolled up bit of trim with tiny fake berries that I did not unroll...I simply added a ribbon. The lights, a dollar store find. I'm not a crafter, but I have an eye for seeing things and seeing how they could be used in the narrative. 


  1. What a lot of patience you have to make tiny things for the dolls house. I think they will be much enjoyed

  2. I think I as excited as your granddaughter is going to be. How lovely they are.

  3. A phone does just as well for those kinds of photos. I would probably use one too even though I supposedly have a choice.

  4. I think doll's houses are special toys - my wife still has hers and won't part with it. Surely it's the interaction and imagination that they foster which is the root of those memories. Play at its best and joy shared by all.

  5. So wonderful! You are both creative and gifted. She will be able to use her imagination while setting up various scenes; that's great for children!

  6. You put the magic back into Christmas Debby. Wonderful post.

  7. Wow! That's a lot of work! You've definitely helped make your granddaughter's holidays special. :)

  8. This all looks so fun, Debby! I'm always pleased when kids use their imaginations for play (instead of electronics). I had little tubs of Play Doh as Thanksgiving bingo prizes this year that were a big hit with all ages.

  9. OMG! This is just so cool! What wonderful memories this will create for your granddaughter.

  10. What a terrific idea! These look great and she will have so much fun playing "Christmas" with her guys!

  11. She will love it. I would have loved it as a kid. I always wanted a dollhouse.


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