Saturday, January 1, 2022

Starting the New Year with a bang.

We watched "Don't Look Up" on Netflix last night. Very well done, excellent satire. 

When it was over, Tim went to the kitchen, and then headed down the hall. It was 10:30 and he was going to bed. I was wide awake. I decided to see the New Year in, but one hour later, I was nodding off myself, and so I headed for bed too. 

I missed the excitement. Local facebook exploded over night. The clock struck 12, there was a flash of lightning and a crack of thunder, and people were well and truly 'creeped out'.  Me? Slept right through it, although Tim thought it would have been cool to witness. 

Company coming, and if they haven't got plans, we're headed to my sister's afterwards. It's been a long time between scrabble games. 


  1. Don't be making up Scrabble swear words Debby.

  2. I don't make 'em up, Northsider. :D

  3. Good luck with your first Scrabble of the New Year!

  4. I saw the Facebook posts too. We didn’t hear the thunder and lightning either. I agree with Tim. It would have been cool to hear / see.

  5. Happy New Year Debby. I really want to see that movie, maybe tonight.

  6. A lot of parallels. It was uncomfortable. Did you watch the whole thing?

  7. After an unexpectedly difficultly December - as much logistical as anything - I'm finally catching up on some of my favourite blogs to wish their authors a happy new year and say thanks for reading and commenting on mine. Yours has been especially delightful - it's a great, good old fashioned blog if you don't mind me saying that - nothing fancy, just great words and stories and opinions. Thank you for that.
    I hope next year brings us better times and plenty of words (and pictures) to inspire and entertain.
    Best wishes

  8. That movie is in our Netflix que.

  9. I thought the rain would limit the fireworks. It didn't. Not at all.
    We watched Don't Look Up also and thought it was well done. Kinda depressing though since it was a satire on what is sadly true about what our country was/is.


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