Saturday, January 8, 2022

William's Haircut

 We have had a bit of the snow here, but by and large the storms went north of us. With the storms south and east of us as well, it makes things a bit unpredictable. 

William came to spend the night. He and I went out to do some errands. His hair is getting quite long, and he's always giving his head a shake to keep it out of his eyes. We just happened to pass a salon, and I said, "Do you want to get your hair cut?" He thought about it in that way he has, and decided that a hair cut would be nice. We had to wait, but they got him in, and, lo, his hair was cut by another William.

I told the William wielding the scissors that I needed him to just kind of follow the lines of the previous haircut, so as not to get me in trouble with the parental units. 

He said, "A reverse mohawk it is, then!"  and gave William's chair a little spin. 

I said, "Well, I don't want to stress you out, but if you give him a crap haircut, you will be destroying his middle school 'creds', probably forever, and that responsibility falls entirely on you."

He raised the scissors and comb up in trembling hands and said, "Oh, I'm not stressed. It's just the 16 cups of coffee."

He went at it and did a good job. William (in the chair) was actually clear about what he wanted done with that hair, so I sat back and listened to the two of them banter back and forth. I was a little sick to see that his bangs were being cut shorter than usual, but William (in the chair) was directing William (with the scissors), so I let it go. 

When it was done, I said, "Do you like it?" and he said, "I don't like my hair in my eyes. This is good. I feel like a new person!" 

I told him that's what a good haircut does for a person. 

William (with the scissors) got a good tip. 

William (no longer in the chair) asked for chicken wings for lunch. 


  1. What a lovely, successful adventure! We need to frame that statement, "I don't like my hair in my eyes." Hope the barber has a good cardiologist if he continues drinking too much coffee. Linda in Kansas

  2. Do you think William With The Scissors would do housecalls? Could he pop over here?

  3. Much more fun than going for a haircut with your parents! Well done Williams both

  4. It would require quite a tip, Jaycee, but I think he would do it. He didn't have 16 cups of coffee. He was doing a shaking hands routine to make William and I laugh. He was entertaining and he gave a good haircut. His parents are struggling a bit right now right after the holidays, and this was a back burner thing, sure to have been put off until next pay day. I try not to butt in, but you could see that he was bothered. We had a fun day. His mother was a bit shocked by his hair, but she didn't mind. It was a spur of the moment thing, and normally I would have/should have asked.

  5. A day with those Two Darling Williams sounded like a pleasant way to spend any day out having quality time. With Pandemic, all the Family are looking a little shaggy here, some of the Menfolk are learning to cut their own Hair and Beards to keep presentable enough. Otherwise I could put them all on the off ramp of the freeway with a sign and a tin cup. *winks*

  6. That's a nice memory for both of you!
    Enjoy your last week of work!! :)

  7. Wonderfully told with your unique ability.

  8. Well, the great thing about hair is, it grows back! (Until it doesn't, anyway, but William won't experience that for many more years if at all. :) )

  9. My wife cuts mine and I am always being told to keep my head still. A good day out for Willian and his Grandma.

  10. I've been cutting my husband and mother's hair as well as my own for years and their haircuts always look better than mine. I'm so glad William could give William a good haircut. Awesome!


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