Monday, January 3, 2022

Damndest Thing

 So today, first day back at work, we were asked if we wanted to leave early. 

Seeing it as an opportunity to continue the progress of the weekend, I left after half a day. I had laundry. I gathered up the tablecloths used over the holidays to be washed. All the kitchen and bathroom rugs. Towels. The shower curtains (the first floor bathroom has a clawfoot tub so it has three shower curtains around the oval brass rail suspended from the ceiling). 

Since Tim was working on the exhaust fan in the bathroom and had blown in insulation everywhere, I pulled the hamper, rugs, shower curtains and towels into the hall to separate into piles and carried the three loads of sorted laundry to the basement one at a time as the washer finished its work and everything went into the dryer. The hamper was set outside the dryer. The clothes went into the hamper when dried, brought upstairs, folded and put where they belonged.

Very orderly.

So how did I end up losing a shower curtain? 

A shower curtain!

I have looked. Tim thought I was being ridiculous and he looked too. In the end, he said, "'s lost alright."

He still laughs every time he looks at my perplexed face. 

It'll show up. I mean it can't be lost forever. It's not like it is a sock. 


  1. You can't use the old sock in the dryer excuse.

  2. Ha! We must have been typing 'sock' at the same time. The weirdest thing is that I did not put the shower curtains in the dryer at all. I just gathered them from the wash, set them atop the dryer while I loaded the dryer. The shower curtains are very light and I hang them while wet, and let them dry hanging in their place, as they do after every shower.

    Strangest damned thing. Honest to pete!

  3. I feel your pain. We had two excellent Tupperware containers normally used to store left over food. We still have the two very losable vent plugs but one container disappeared last year, when we had no visitors really and who would steal such a thing.

    When your curtain turns up, you will remember why it is where it is.

  4. A ghost was taking a shower when you removed all of the curtains? Did you drop it somewhere between the stairs and the wall? This will be a wondering mystery until you solve it. Keep us posted! Did it fall between washer and dryer? Behind it? What's your prize if we guess it's correct location? Linda in Kansas

  5. They will turn up when they want to!
    Good to have a good cleanout and clean up.

  6. I think that you should all come to the house and we will form a search party. Not behind the washer and dryer. Not in the hall. Not behind or under the bathtub. Not behind or under the sofa where I was folding on the sofa. Tim was using a drop cloth in the bathroom. I even went to the trunk of the car and went through that, thinking perhaps he'd accidently scooped up a shower curtain when he gathered the drop cloth. I've looked on both sides of the open stairwell to the basement. The table cloth has two tablecloths. A white underskirt thing that I throw a red table cloth over top of. I checked to make sure I wasn't using a shower curtain for an underskirt. I was not.

    It is really the damndest thing. I woke up this morning with the conundrum in my head this morning. Still can't find it.

  7. I'd blame Tim. Secretly, of course.

  8. Could it be doubled-up with one of the other shower curtains? I know your frustration. I lost a 7-foot tall wrought iron garden hook. I brought it home... and I lost it. 4 mos later I found it, exactly where I put it to be 'safe'. My brain drives me crazy. Some days we aren't even on speaking terms!

  9. That sort of thing always unsettles me - and then a day or two later I find whatever it is I've lost and go 'oh, of course... senior moment'. I should learn to trust it will turn up.

  10. That IS a mystery! Can't wait to hear where you find it! Maybe folded in the towels and rugs?

  11. That would drive me crazy! I hope when we die, part of the process is someone showing us where all those lost things ended up.

  12. It did not just walk out the door so you know it is in the house somewhere. It will turn up and you will probably remember how it got there. When William comes give him a reward if he can find it.

  13. I'm so happy that you did eventually find your curtain. There's something I've been looking for too and it's driving me crazy so I know how you felt.


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