Friday, January 7, 2022

Breaking Bad

Today, I woke up from a dream. I was getting ready for work, and my son was there. He was grinning a lot. Acting mysterious. I wondered about him. Strangely, my grandparents were there too. They had given me something. I cannot remember what it was, but I was delighted with it, and they were delighted to give it to me. 

In the dream, I happily walked around, getting ready for work, visiting with everyone. 

I turned around to find that my youngest daughter had come home as a surprise. 

It was a vivid dream with many confusing aspects and when I woke up, I pondered it in the dark. I finally came up with the idea that my grandparents represented me. I'm a grandma now. My pineapple bag is filled with delights in preparation for my trip east, a gift that always delights that little girl. In turn, her delight delights me. My kids represent my longings. I want to see them, badly. 

Getting ready for work? Odd...because although the dream was about getting to work, I never seemed to get there...constantly being distracted by the family visits. 

When I got up this morning, I had some mild intestinal issues. I packed Tim's lunch. He drove off in my car. New Year Day, his car overheated. He figured the problem out right away, but has been driving  to work in my car. I can walk. We have two trucks, but I don't want to drive his pride and joy and the dump truck sometimes winds up with a dead battery, randomly draining for some reason he hasn't had time to figure out. I just walk, and I don't mind the early morning walk in the dark, I try to take a different route each day. Things look very different in the dark. 

Anyways, I sat there this morning, the dream still rolling around in my head, drinking my coffee, trying to muster the oomph! to get up and get going. We have only worked half days all this week, and a truck didn't come in yesterday. Given the weather down south, we are very likely not to get a truck today, either. I thought about the almost guaranteed fact that I'd get there and be asked to leave early. 

They had offered today off for anyone who wanted it. 

I made another decision, this one not so hard as yesterday's. I called off. 

It's snowing outside and I've been puttering about in the kitchen making a nice pot of soup for supper. 

I'll feel guilty about it later, I imagine. Today, though, I am glad for my quiet day alone. 


  1. I get what you mean when you write "called off." It's a different way to express it from what I am used to. A different localism, perhaps, or maybe it is widespread in the US. For example I know that some Americans just call it "The Grocery," but I don't hear that here without "Store" attached.

  2. Funny how some dreams are so intense and they hold our attention for a while after we wake up.

  3. Maybe since you've decided to retire, your work life is re-wiring in your preferred brain to end up being a nicer place to work. But that's just in a dream, so don't withdraw your notice to retire. Or, it's all of your family and relatives celebrating your retirement while hanging out at the work location. HOORAY! You did it again: you chose not to go in when given a choice. Don't feel guilty. You deserve to be free of the place. Enjoy the soup! Linda in Kansas

  4. It sounds wonderful. I love a quiet day at home.

  5. Have you never thought of starting your home renovation business with Tim? You are also good at interpreting dreams Debby.

  6. No, Northsider. We have done the renovation thing, and Tim would be perfectly willing to do it forever. Me? I don't want to. I have worked all my life. We will have a nice retirement income. There are many places in this world that I have not seen. I want to see them.

    Drum Major? No danger of changing my mind. The decision was the difficult part. Once it was made, the hard part was over. I'm really looking forward to what comes next.

  7. AC - here we say grocery store.

  8. Enjoy your cozy day at home! These cold winter days are perfect soup days! Your home will smell so good!

  9. We call it a supermarket - but we still get our groceries.

    Very glad you made the decision to take a sick day when you were sick - even if its a small upset the mindset that you don't NEED to overcome and go to work is such a hard one to change, isn't it?

  10. A perfect way to spend the day. Practicing for retirement.

  11. Pudge, I accidently deleted your response instead of approving it, but that was exactly where I expected to find that shower curtain.

  12. It's nice to have a day to putter.

  13. I'm so glad you got to relax instead of braving the snow. My son is in Maryland and they got hit by a big snowfall. My grandsons are loving it though.


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