Tuesday, January 25, 2022


 What a wonderful week I've had! My grand daughter is 3 now, and it is such a fun age. She has a great imagination, and it is entertaining to have back and forth conversations with her. 

Every time that I go to visit, one of the things that I try hard to do is drop kick my son and daughter-in-law out the door for a date night. They rarely have the opportunity because sitters are a bit of a struggle. However, when I went to visit in June, date night was cancelled. The three of them were succumbing to colds, one right after another, like dominos falling. 

I returned again in August, but it was a rushed trip, in for her third birthday, and back to work on Monday morning, so there was no time to squeeze in a date night. 

I went in once more in October. There was an ER visit, and pain killers, and unfortunately, date night was once again cancelled. My son could barely walk.

I was feeling like the harbinger of horrible happenings. 

I was very clear that since this visit was a long visit, I wanted them to take advantage of the time and get out, whenever they wanted. They got two date nights and a Sunday afternoon with friends. 

Iris and I played. Dollhouse, blocks, ball, games. She is very interested in her letters. I took a bananagram game to her and divided out two complete alphabets. I pick out the A, and she looks for hers, then the B, and so on. We recite the alphabet as we go to figure out what letter comes next. She can identify probably 1/3 of the alphabet independently. We played Hungry Hippos. Don't Break the Ice. Kerplunk. And books. Oh my gosh, does that girl love being read to. 

If there is anything more wonderful in this world than being awakened by a little girl who can't wait to start the day with her Ama, I can't think of what it would be. We watched the sun come up as we ate our apple slices. She picked out my earrings every morning. We sang songs about monkeys. I went to her gymnastics class. I went with her to her library story time program. We painted. She made valentines. I made her one too. I took a hyacinth bulb and a budding vase. It was starting to do what bulbs do, and she was interested in the root growth and the green breaking through at the top. 

We went to a Japanese restaurant and had our dinner cooked at the table. Eggs were spinning, spatulas were twirled like batons, and fire flared up very dramatically. Iris loved it from the safety of her father's lap. 

And I loved every single minute of it. All of it. 

This is not a particularly profound post. I'm home now. Today's trip took me six hours instead of the regular five hours and 15 minutes or thereabouts. I was detoured, and somehow missed my turn. I wasn't concerned because I basically knew where I was, and the direction I needed to travel. The towns were familiar. It just took me longer to get back. So I'm road weary, but I can't sleep. 

I walked out to the kitchen and looked at the little Valentine on my refrigerator and smiled, and suddenly, I wanted to get it all down while it was fresh in my mind. 

I really, really love being a grandma.   


  1. And you are retired, so that you can be a lovely grandma! Pretty sure you don't miss work! Sounds like fun. I don't remember 3 year-olds being so talented. My kid is 34 now. Linda in Kansas

  2. How wonderful to have those memories now to treasure forever.

  3. I'm pleased you had such a good time. You really have to treasure the young moments.

  4. Seeing the world through the eyes of a three year old. That's much more profound than you say.

  5. Oh what a most wonderful adventure!!!

  6. So, you’re an Ama. Sue is an Amma and I am a Buppa, even though ours are now teenagers. Sue even trends to call me Buppa.

  7. Welcome back. I'm glad your driving was doable and you had a great time with your granddaughter.

  8. Glad you got your grandma fix. I know my mom really enjoyed having the girls over and doing grandma-like things with them. Since I got started late, I just hope I'm around to see a grandkid or two.

  9. Drum Major, she really is like a little sponge. People say that all the time, but she just is so interested in everything. She has a million questions. ('Why' is a favorite question. When she adds an extra syllable - 'WHY-a'- you know she's becoming impatient with you. She understands that letters make sounds, and that you use those sounds to read. She is fascinated by books. Her parents are awfully good that way. There is a program called '1000 books before kindergarten'. She is about to cross that 1000 book goal in the next few weeks. Her mother notes that if they counted the number of times the same book was read over and over, she'd have crossed the line long ago.

  10. Well, your retirement is off to a wonderful start! Think of all the adventures you can plan together! I used to meet my son and granddaughters half way so they could come for a sleepover and the parents could have a fun weekend. Saved us each a bit of driving...
    Thanks for sharing your happiness!

  11. I'm so glad you got a fun, extended visit this time. It's also nice to know you can do it again any time you want to.

  12. So many special memories! They are precious, aren't they? While my 18 month old grandson and his parents were staying with me for a month, his parents got one date night and I Granny Nannied during their work days. Grandson and I had many routines, "Meme, run!" "Meme, hide!" He helped me make my bed and brush my teeth. He wanted me to read him lots of stories with him snuggled up to my side. Now he's 2,800 miles away and I hate it. I'm glad you had such a wonderful visit, packed with excellent moments and activities.

  13. I'm so glad you had a wonderful visit -- and yes, now maybe you're in a position to visit more often, not having to deal with that demanding employer!

  14. Sounds like your visit with Iris and family was splendid.

  15. What a wonderful way to spend time, with your little granddaughter who sounds quite sweet and who obviously loves her Ama.


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