Sunday, January 9, 2022


 Found that shower curtain. 

I had looked behind the dryer multiple times, but this time I pulled the dryer out. The shower curtains are a light fabric, a slippery material. It had not only slipped behind the washer, but it had slithered off the back of the white vent hose, and fallen beneath that. When I looked behind the dryer, I saw the vent hose, and not what lie beneath. 

Strange how ridiculously happy something like that can make a body!

A late start has been announced for work tomorrow. We begin at 11:30. I've picked the rotisserie chicken carcass and put together a wild rice and mushroom chicken soup. All I have to do is pop the crock from the fridge to the crock pot when I leave, and we will have a nice hot pot of soup when we get home. Supposed to be in the single digits tomorrow evening so a nice cup of soup will hit the spot. 

Also tomorrow night, my countdown app will say that I have 4 more days until I retire. 

(And yes, Bob, you do detect a spring in my step.) 


  1. Four more days! Four more days! Whoo-hoo!

  2. I hate losing things too, especially when you know they must be there. So frustrating. And four more days is wonderful.

  3. You're at the point where you need a tenths of a second counter.

  4. That's one mystery solved.

  5. Happy dance!!! (which you may need, as single digits to you is below freezing for us isn't it?)

  6. Well I'm glad to have that mystery solved!

    You can almost count down in hours now rather than days.

  7. Behind the dryer was my guess but I didn’t suggest it because you posted that you had already checked there. Glad it was found. I had a scare myself today when my favorite bookmark made by my wife out of leather and personalized disappeared after 17 years of use. I frantically tore the house apart before finding it between couch cushions.

  8. Funny how reaching the decision was so difficult for me, but once the decision was reached, really, there is nothing but excitement.

    Yes Jeanie. We're looking at -12 to -10 c.

    I'm going to stick to counting down days. The numbers are a lot lower. :D

    Logically, I knew that shower curtain had to be someplace...well...logical It never occurred to me that it would have slipped under the vent hose and lay there disguised and testing my patience. Tim had even taken the flashlight down!

    All's well that ends well.

    Ed, glad you found your bookmark.

  9. Oh wow! FOUR days more? That is so exciting.
    And yes, a bowl of hot soup would be PERFECT!

  10. Hooray! What a funny hiding spot, even after you'd looked there! Enjoy the soup. (Ya gonna hang or store that wayward shower curtain soon, right?) Enjoy grinning at work! Linda in Kansas

  11. Yay, Mystery solved. When you 'lose' something larger that should be obvious and not so difficult to locate it's like a Twilight Zone Episode.

  12. Now you don't have to buy a new one! A spring in your step and a happy dance! It's a great week.


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