Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Animal in the House

 Last night was a divide and conquer sort of night. I worked until 5:30. My sister was on call and coming to spend the night. Tim was hard at work, doing some body work on his truck that he couldn't get done last week because it was pouring down the rain. 

He put a prepared casserole in the oven after he got home from work, and then he got involved in what he was doing. I got home to a casserole ready to come out of the oven. 

My poor sister, who was on call, got a call before she even left work. 

So, we had supper and Tim finished saying, "I've got to run to Auto Zone." 

I said, "Care if I run along with you. I need coffee and a bag of sugar?" 

Tim said, "I'd rather you just drive yourself. I want to get this job done and I don't want to get sidetracked." 

And so we headed off. 

Now we like to avoid using the oven on hot days, but yesterday it really was kind of unavoidable. The kitchen was hot, so when Tim came back, he opened the door in the mudroom and the one to the kitchen as well, to allow a cool breeze to circulate. When I came back, I snarled a little, inside my head, because I hate that. The kitchen door has a screen for pete's sake!

So I put stuff away and puttered around like I do. At some point, I was walking out of the livingroom into the foyer and a little gray cat came tripping down the hall past me in an unhurried way and walked into the kitchen. 

I gaped after him.

I shot into the kitchen. Tim was just coming upstairs from the basement. Once again, he'd left the doors wide open. 

I said, "Where'd that cat go?"

He said, "What cat?" 

I looked under the hoosier and the table and saw no sign of him. "He's a little gray and white cat." 

Tim did a quick look around outside and found him sitting under a truck watching us.

So, we've HAD another animal in the house, but it was not me who let him in. 

It is a nice cautionary tale for Tim as well. He'll think twice about not using the kitchen screen door.


  1. Cats are forgivable. Skunks are not.

  2. Well, at least it was just a cat! Could have been worse! (As Ed said above -- that was my thought, too.)

  3. Oh yes, my dear husband likes to leave all the doors wide open in the hot weather, but I really hate that. I don't want to be chasing mice, or the big long tail fellas, around the house.

  4. But I do rather like the sound of that little grey cat - wouldn't you like to give him a home?

  5. We once had a bat fly down the chimney and I was ordered to catch it and take it outside.

  6. At least it wasn't a bear! It made a big impression on me years ago when you said you can't put up bird feeders in the summer because of the bears.

    Open doors/windows (without screens) let in too many bugs, too. ugh.

  7. Oh northsider, you made me laugh. Little known fact about Tim? He freaks about bats. I am the dispatcher of bats in our house! No Pat. I will be kind but I really don't want another pet. Truly.

  8. I left the doors to my garden office open this evening to allow the cool air in - and I've only just noticed all the moths on the ceiling... maybe if I leave the doors open and the lights off they will disperse.

  9. I am glad it didn’t end up worse because some cats might not have been so nice. Did you think this will help Tim keep the doors closed? Maybe it’s a dude thing because I do it as well but the only thing I have let in are flies. Take care.

  10. If ever I wound up with a skunk in the house, I would be a very unhappy woman. I can live trap them outside and relocate them without a problem, but in the house???

    Side story: Tim once had to shoot a ground hog in the attic of the retirement property. That and the snakes in the wall are exactly the reason why I get a new house before we move there permanently.

  11. PS: Ed, if you have a skunk in the house story, you are honor bound to share it.

  12. I am not sure if Lacey, who is by by feet, is amused or aghast.

  13. Cats are opportunist, so if you ignore your little grey cat it may find somewhere else to live but a grey cat sounds nice!

  14. Love reading your blogs. Thanks for sharing!

  15. Sorry, no skunk stories inside the house. Only riding with a skunked dog in a small car as we made our way 30 miles back home.

    Like Northsider, I do have a few bat in the house stories.


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