Sunday, July 4, 2021

Kayak Trip


It looks like we will not be kayaking this weekend. I really wanted to go, but we've had some very freaky (and torrential) downpours. I am not an experienced kayaker, wise in the ways of the river. We would have been starting downriver of the the refinery, but we would still be navigating one tricky area. The water is brown and high right now. 

Tim has never kayaked and is convinced he will not enjoy it. I am just as convinced that he will, once he actually does this, however if we capsize and he drowns on his first trip out, he'll never go kayaking with me again. 

Note from above pictures. The business owners who rent out (and sell) the equipment to have these adventures posted them on line to warn people of the danger. The current was tricky, the water deep. They evidently were approaching the rock a bit more quickly than expected and as they tried to veer around it, the canoe turned enough sideways, pinned itself against a rock and then turned over and filled with water. The river current kept it pinned there.  

All aboard were safe. 

The canoe itself was pulled away from the rock using two come-alongs and the business owner paddled the undamaged canoe back to the business the following day. 


  1. I am sure Tim will not kayak again if he drowns, or perhaps even gets dunked. I kayaked once in a dual kayak with my sister's wife in our sea water bay and it was great fun. So much fun, I haven't don't it again.

  2. I see that inflatable kayaks are becoming very popular. Perhaps with those being so portable, you could find calm water to start.

  3. Kayaking is definitely something you don't want to do in high, fast water, especially if you're inexperienced. Good thinking on your part!

  4. You have to know what you are doing around water. It can turn dangerous so easily.
    That said, I have 2 children that love to kayak and go out often to enjoy the beauty of the water.

  5. If I ever did that the business owners would have a whole lot more pictures to post!

  6. In the UK we'd call that boat a canoe - to us a kayak has a closed cockpit and a double bladed paddle. I'm not sure if you use the terms interchangably in the US? I'd love to paddle some of the rivers out there again one day - many years ago I paddled some rivers near to Atlanta region.

    Never lean updstream in either a canoe or a kayak because the current catches the bow and then capsises you - but I guess you know that now!!!

  7. No. That is a canoe. We made the decision not to kayak because of the canoe incident.

  8. I saw this great youtube film about canoeing. It really made me want to get in a boat. Glorious. If it doesn'tmotivate the faint-hearted, nothing will...

  9. Carruthers, I'm so glad to see you back. I've not had a lot of time to think on your blog posts, but I'm glad you're back!


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I'm glad you're here!

No news results for Tim yet.  (I need patience...and quickly.) Houdi went into hiding again for most of the afternoon. I was quite worried....