Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Nothing to say really. Another round of thunderstorms came through last night. It got so dark in the afternoon that the solar lights came on outside. It is a strange thing to watch the world go dark in front of your eyes. It was violent, but went through quickly. No damage here, but elsewhere, there were a lot of downed trees. We got a break today, but more storms coming tomorrow. 

I've ordered two books from your recommendations, reserved a third at the library and put the others on a list to look for. Thank you, everyone. 

Still listening to a lot of music at work. I have discovered a group new to me, Lord Huron. It's always neat to venture off into something completely new to my ears. 

A dull life makes for a dull blog. 


  1. We don't get many thunderstorms. Maybe one a year, if that, so I am always fascinated when one does pass by. I love to watch the flashes and listen for the rumbles, or crashes!

  2. Certainly not dull with thunderstorms livening things up!!

  3. A good band. Very Neil Young like. Your blog is never dull.

  4. And another storm coming through tonight!

  5. Thank you for another great listening recommendation. It seems we share similar taste in music.
    Nothing like a good thunderstorm - without damage, of course.

  6. As others have said, thunderstorms are far from dull. Our last one resulted in major flooding, which included wrecking part of our neighbour's house but fortunately for us the water found a way to drain while only wrecking our lawn and leaving the house alone.

  7. I have Lena Horne playing in my head, singing, "stormy weatherrrrr..."


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