Thursday, July 1, 2021

Cat Tale

 After having Paddy put down, I made the decision that I'm done with pet ownership. 


Losing my last two pets has been gutting, and I really just haven't got the heart to do it again. 

A couple weeks ago, I walked out the back door and there was a cat sitting in the driveway. Strays and ferals are common sights, but this one did not run off when he saw me. He sat there staring at me. I looked at him. "Hello," I said. He opened his mouth and gave a soundless meow. 

It was pitiful. 

I went inside and got a can of Paddy's cat food, and her clean food dish tucked under the sink. 

I set the food and water out, knowing full well that Tim would be very unhappy. Which was unreasonable, since I was not bringing the cat inside or anything. But he's funny like that.


  1. We made the same decision when our last dog died. Three cats and two dogs and the deaths of each one was sad but the last dog really got to us. No more. I can understand Tim's concern. They worm their way in.

  2. Cats make very good mouses. I prefer dogs but cats definitely are necessary especially when you live in the countryside next to the sea like me. Hey that rhymes.😊

  3. We have Get Along, the quiet little ghost cat who lives at the retirement property. I haven't seen him for a while, so he may have got along. The property had been abandoned, and was taken over by mice. Tim loved him for that reason.

    They do worm in, Andrew. I have a heart, but I really don't want another inside pet.

  4. I can't have any inside pets due to my allergies and even have to avoid contact with them outside so I would have to be ruthlessly cold hearted in the same situation.
    Still feel sorry for the poor little thing though.

  5. I know how you feel about not wanting any more pets (at least inside pets). The death of my dog last summer was far harder than I expected it to be. Heartbreak is the price you pay in the end for loving a pet.

  6. I too made the same decision many years ago. But I'm about to go back slightly on it by allowing my daughter to start up a jellyfish tank.

  7. You've helped a homeless kitty by providing a nice meal. I would have done the same. The silent acknowledging "meow" is precious.

  8. We have to be kind to the critters.

  9. Susan. Bought a bag of cat food. Tim was feeding one this morning.

  10. We've only bought three dogs in our married life... our three Rottweilers. All the rest of our dogs have found us. We currently have seven, down from our high of ten (at any one time). You just can't let an animal come to your home and die. Our only hard and fast rule is they have to get spayed or neutered.

    Bless you, Debby, for helping that kitty.

  11. Not that the cat needed you.
    You obviously are being looked after, you need a cat and the cat shaped gap in your household is being filled. The cat's decision not yours!!


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