Thursday, July 22, 2021

The Moon

 Half the world seems to be underwater, the other half is baking in the sun. Hot, wet, or  on fire. That seems to be our choices at the moment. 

I am watching the moon rise. It is nearly full tonight, a waxing gibbous moon. Tomorrow we will have our full moon. I look at it, big and orange. The strange color, they tell us, is because of all the smoke in the atmosphere from the huge fires burning out west and in Canada. 

Tell me...what does the moon look like where you are tonight? 


  1. Oh golly. I am usually asleep before the moon is visible here.

    1. What time does the moon come out where you are?

    2. Just googled. The moon rises nearly 2 hours earlier here. I did not know this!

  2. Due to clouds. I didn't see the moon rise. I did see it in the middle of the night from the bedroom window. It's looking more orange than usual these days, er nights.

  3. Both the sun and moon are orange from the smoke in the air.

  4. Our moon is yellow orange it may not just be your fires

  5. I am embarrassed to say I haven't noticed the moon in a while! I'll try to pay attention tonight, if it's not cloudy.

  6. Isn't the moon made out of cheese?

  7. I just noticed how bright it was last night. The full moon might be beautiful, but it messes with my sleep!

  8. I didn't know until we were on our way to the farm garden before dawn and saw it. It was definitely very red due to all the smoke in the sky.


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