Friday, July 9, 2021


 We are traveling today to Tim's family reunion. We will get there early, since it is Tim's lot to fire up the outdoor bread oven. He was taught by the master, our dear Uncle Hermie, before he passed, maybe 10 years ago. Uncle Hermie and his brother Harold built that oven long, long ago. 

People will come from all over, and they will come bearing bread dough. We will bake 30 or 40 loaves of bread and it will be topped with honey from Aletha's bees, or jams, a good share of them home made, and butter slathered on thick warm bread. 

It will be a day to visit with people you don't see every day. Usually, after everyone is fed and happy, there is music too. 

Last year was covid, People didn't travel for the most part, and we have lost most of our nonagenarians over the past couple years, so it's bound to be different, but what will be the same as always is the genuine gladness to see everyone gather once again. 

The weather is supposed to be sunny and nice for this celebration, which is lucky indeed. Starting Sunday, the thunderstorms are back, and we've got a seven day stretch of them. Last year it was a major job keeping the garden watered. This year? We have not had to water once. 

On an unrelated note: The music station that I listen to while I work plays a lot of bluegrass music. Little known factoid about me: I really, really love bluegrass music. When the kids were growing up, they haaaaaated it. Since Tim can't abide it either, I rarely get a chance to listen to it, so popping in some earbuds and listening to it at work is a joy to me. 

So....what do YOU think of Bluegrass? 

Have a good weekend, my friends. 


  1. I can't really appreciate any music at all these days as I have lost all the lower frequencies from my hearing. Enjoy your music...and your weekend x

  2. Bluegrass..yay!!
    Surprising how many potters are good string players..John Bauman,Guy Wolff are two that spring to mind directly.

    Lovely to have a family get together and share the bread oven. Perfect.

  3. I liked the music you selected. I don't listen to much music anymore. This selection reminded me of the tone of The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald by Gordon Lightfoot.... Thanks for the post and have a great time at the reunion.

  4. DUH!!!! gz, I am slapping my head. Our bluegrass has its roots in your own traditional music. Of course you would like it! Personally, I think that people of the earth and people of the old ways have a natural affinity to the sweet sound of the old string instruments. The music of a good fiddler really can raise up a strange longing in me that I don't even understand.

  5. Our celtfest event often has a bluegrass band or two. I don't like it as much a genuine celtic music, but it is okay.

  6. Hillbilly music even? It's got roots in Britain and Ireland.

  7. I love bluegrass - simple and yet heartfelt. I played the banjo for many years - rather badly I have to say, but hey, I gave it a go...

  8. I hope you have a great family week end and I like bluegrass too!

  9. I am not a fan, I must admit. But hey, to each his or her own! Glad you're attending the reunion and hope you have a good time.

  10. The music is beautiful and haunting. I like it.

    A family reunion that revolves around bread sounds amazing.

  11. I just looked up the lyrics and they are so sad. The civil war caused a split in your country that never seems to have healed.

  12. I'm an old bluegrass fan. Good pickin', too. Thanks for the clip.

  13. I found your blog from Sparkling Merlot's blog. So nice that people are still blogging, I made lots of friends from my old blogging days. Your Saturday sounds wonderful with the homemade bread. I am not sure what Bluegrass is, but I will look it up.


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