Monday, July 19, 2021

Get 'er done.

 Today, after church, Tim and I fixed a sandwich, ate quickly and then headed to the retirement property. I had two weeks of weeds to take care of in the garden. I am proud to say that except for the corn (which was low priority because it doesn't look like it's thriving and it is too late to replant it)  I got it all done. It will require extra weeding and care for a couple weeks, because those weeds got ahead of me but I made some great progress.  I also harvested our first zucchini and jalapenos. They were delicious. 

Tim was brush hogging and a sink hole opened up under the tractor. We could not believe it. Next weekend we'll take the dump truck up and (hopefully) pull it out. We don't have rain in the forecast until Monday the 26th. We need the break to dry things out. 

Those avocado trees I repotted aren't looking so hot, but I read a lot about plant shock, and hopefully they will pull through. 

Tim was brush hogging and a sink hole opened up under the tractor. We could not believe it. Next week end we'll take the dump truck up and pull it out. Hopefully. 

Some friends are moving away to be closer to their daughter. They called because they are downsizing, and they have some things that reminded them of me, and they wanted me to have them. I've never that happen before. I always wonder how others see me, and this will be a chance to find out. I'm very touched. That has never happened to me before.  

Back to work tomorrow. Mandated 10 hour days for the week, but life becomes a lot more bearable when we are not working a six day week. A two day weekend gives me not only a chance to catch things up at home, but also time to relax. I watched two more episodes of Downton Abbey. It's a wonder Lord and Lady Grantham can find people to work for them. The place is obviously cursed.  No such thing as a happy ending in that house!

I'm reading This Tender Land. Thanks again everyone for your suggestions. 


  1. Not exactly sure what a sink hole is Debby.
    Look forward to hearing more about what your friends are bringing over - it is a nice thought.
    Ten hour days sounds a bit grim.

  2. Sink holes are unfortunate. I suppose yours is related to the flooding rains.

    I am not sure where you are up to with Downton, but post WWI staff did become harder to retain and post WWII, very very expensive.

  3. In wales we call sink holes 'shake holes' if you mean the same thing - holes that open up in the ground, often due to mining or underground works

  4. I've never heard of a sink hole opening up beneath an operating vehicle! Yikes. Talk about bad timing. There are some happy endings in Downton Abbey, but yeah, a lot of drama too. It's basically a highbrow soap opera.

  5. Are there any old mines in the area. I have heard of wooden pit props breaking or rotting and subsidence occurring.

  6. It is sad to see climate change coming home to roost.

  7. That's scary about the sink hole incident. I sometimes worry when my husband is bush hogging around our pond since the levee wall is so sloped.

    I loved This Tender Land.

  8. We have sink holes here that take in the whole house. A few years ago one opened and half the house fell in and a man rolled out of bed and fell in. They could hear him yell for help but there was no way to get him, the rest of the house slowly crumbled in over him. I hope your sink hole does not get deeper over the week. Tim might have wanted to chain the tractor to a large tree just in case the hole gets deeper. Some times there is an old mine under the ground that causes the sink or a large vein of water that grows with rain. Sink wholes are getting more common here in Florida,

  9. I'm glad I don't live in a land of sinkholes. They give me the heebie jeebies just thinking about them.

    I just posted a blog post about garden weeds getting out of hand. You have my sympathy.

  10. I loved This Tender Land. Have you read Ordinary Grace by the same author? It’s even better.

  11. The sink hole is a place where the ground has been hollowed out underneath. Perhaps an animal den. It is not huge. It did not swallow the whole tractor. Just one of the big tires. If I lived in a place like Florida, I'd be embarrassed to refer to it as a sink hole.

    Ellie, your story made me shiver!

    Steve, I have to tell you that I'm starting to get a bit bored with Downton. Every time that Tim comes into the room, he dramatically says, "Oh! The drama!. Lately I find myself thinking it.

    I haven't, Bob, but I will add it to my list.

  12. I was glad to read it was just one tire, I pictured the whole tractor just waiting to be swallowed up. I guess I live where sink holes take in a house so I was concerned about the tractor and the surroundings. Sorry my mind run away with the thought of a sink hole on your retirement place.


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