Monday, July 26, 2021

How does your garden grow?

 I started out with six avocado trees. The biggest one was growing at an amazing rate, once four inches in one week. It really took off in the greenhouse. I also had an hibiscus tree to get done. 

I bought my pots and the soil and began the work of repotting them, carefully teasing apart the roots and putting them in their new homes. 

I sat on the floor of the greenhouse keeping a wary eye on the corner where the snake makes his way up through. He did not put in an appearance. He's really very respectful about my boundaries: He's welcome to the place when I'm not there. When I open the door and stamp my foot, he needs to make himself disappear. 

Seven pots of plants stood, and I watered them and left, shutting the door behind me for the week. 

This week, I have four that look as if they will be fine. The biggest one will probably not make it, although I am hopeful. No leaves have dropped...they just droop sadly. A more depressed looking plant you have never seen. 

But four plants are better than no plants, and I am glad for them. 

The garden is giving produce now, and three large zucchinis came home, I have stuffed one for supper.  Charred jalapenos atop your venison burger? Rare and lovely treat. I also have my first cucumber!


  1. Do you really have a resident snake? Scary!

    Wouldn't it be better to pot up the avocados mid winter when they are dormant?

  2. What are you going to do with your first cucumber Debby?

  3. We have quince trees and bushes but the tree always seems to lose its leaves early despite much watering. They go brown too - like ablight, except we know it is not that. Oh well, (shrugs)it seems to come back every year Soon we will have fruit to make jelly.

  4. Is the snake called Sid? Hissing Sid to be precise.

  5. It may just take them a while to adjust. Avocados are pretty tough, unless they get frozen!

  6. Is this your speckled king snake? They really are good residents to have around. Just saying.

    If you do well with those avocados, I'm going to start trying to save some of the ones that sprout in my compost pile. We eat avocados almost daily, so I'd love to have my own source.

  7. I applaud your willingness to share space with a snake. :)

  8. My mother made the perfect stuffed marrow - makes my mouth water to think about it.

  9. What did your mom stuff yours with, Weaver?

    YP, I'm going to divide it between Tim and I and serve it with onions and a mayonaise sauce/vinegar/salt and pepper dressing.

    Northsider, I have not named the snake, but since you mention it, I'll call him Northsider, which will be perfect since he's coming in on the northside of the greenhouse between a stud and the flooring.

    I am not willing, Anvil. It's just that he's there, and there's not much I can do about it. Since he's so polite about leaving, I don't see any need to take further action. If he was aggressive, he'd be toast.

    Kelly, no clue what sort of snake he is beyond 'he's nonvenomous and he has no legs".

    Well, I'll keep the faith, Steve.

    Andrew, these were random shoots that came up in one pot from a series of pits I just pushed down in the soil. I couldn't leave them in the pot. They needed to be separated. There were just too many for the space and I was afraid that I'd lose them all.

    I have never had a quince!

  10. Sounds like quite an interesting greenhouse. I wonder if your avocado seeds will produce trees producing fruit? I used to grow them by hanging semi-immersed in water until growth occurred, then moved to a pot, but for one reason or another I eventually failed to care for them as needed. Didn't know you could just push their seeds down in soil.

  11. Joared, for years I tried to grow one using the toothpick and water method. It never worked. The pits were pushed down in the pot as an experiment. I ended up with one. I moved it to the green house for the summer and the thing went nuts. I had six avocado trees in very short order. It was kind of amazing.


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