Thursday, April 29, 2021


 It's been a long stretch of days that just seem to run together. I'm not sure why I have the blahs, but I do. 


Cara called today, all full of excitement about the house hunting. That was a bright spot.

I tried a new recipe today, and that was fun too. (Although I should have tasted it before arbitrarily doubling the amount of spice.) It was some hot stuff, that's for sure. I guess you could call that excitement too.

Tonight, Tim needed to run to Lowe's to pick up some electrical stuff. He asked did I want to come along, but I didn't. I wanted to go stand on the bridge for a while. 

Tim saw a beaver come swimming out a few days back. A couple days later, we were coming back from the playground with two little boys about 7:15PM and much to their delight, we once again saw the beaver swim out from beneath the bridge. Tim observed that the two sightings were at about exactly the same time. 

Tonight, I wanted to go back and see if he showed up again. 

Tim did his running around and then walked over to the bridge too.

Once again, the beaver showed up. We missed him swimming out from under the bridge. The water was darker than usual, probably because the skies were so overcast.  I happened to scan the river and there he was, swimming to the same little spot where he stops to have a bit of supper. 

We watched him for a while. As we watched the beaver, across the bridge, the bald eagle sat in his favorite sycamore tree watching us. 

I think it is funny to know that this beaver and this eagle are creatures of habit too.  I wonder if they ever get restless and bored like me. ("You know what? I'm going to hang out in a maple tree today, just to mix it up a bit" or "I shall dine at the small island upstream this evening.")

Tim and I walked back home to the sound of far off thunder. We were hoping for rain but we've just had a bit of drizzle, nothing measurable. We need the precipitation badly. It has been a very dry spring. The thunder storm is the first one of the year, and it was a pleasant thing to sit in the house watching the sky go darker and more ominous, listening to the thunder rumbling. 

The rain still hasn't come but the thunder rumbles on, and in the dark house, I watch hopefully for lightning. 


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  2. It is always exciting to see 'wild animals' having the same habits and territorial rights such as we do. One good thing about lockdown is we are all able to explore the world around us.

  3. Your wildlife encounters remind us all that life can be too good to feel blah!

  4. While I understand beavers can be a pest by their damming up water inclinations, it must be rather cool to see them swimming.

  5. I'd love to see a beaver and a bald eagle.

  6. Yes I am sure I am in a rut but it is a comfortable rut and at my age it could so easily be hard. I know I am very lucky.

  7. Life is so smae-ish for us that I can scarcely remember the day. Yesterday was an event of sorts -- garbage day. By evening it seemed like I had put out the garbage days ago.

  8. I wonder if the eagle is actually watching the beaver for...ummm...culinary purposes!

  9. The deer and turkey behind our house are certainly creatures of habit.

  10. Not likely, Steve. Adult beaver can weigh between 40 to 70 lbs (18-31 kg). If our beaver died, the eagle would be an opportunistic feeder (as would the crows that chased him down river two days ago). Since he sticks so close to the river, I'm going to guess he's a fisherman. I'd sure love to see him take a fish, but in all my time of watching him, I haven't seen that.

  11. At 76 I feel like I am in a rut and digging deeper sometimes. Life is lonley after a spouce of over 50 years passes away. The house is too big, the evenings to long, the bed to wide and you wake up and start all over to another long day.

  12. Well you know what happens to beavers around my house, but I'll admit I always get a kick out of hearing one slap his tail on the water at us when we're fishing. Yes, they can get quite large!!

    We occasionally see Bald Eagles here (always a thrill), but more often it's Osprey. We've had times we've fished together. (they seem to miss the fish as often as I do!)

  13. Routines are part of all our lives, I guess. The past year has been nothing but cutting back or modifying some of them and we're left with the simplest and least risky (virus wise). Hence, blah. I would also love to see a beaver. We have many eagles around here of all varieties and they are incredible to watch. I'd never thought of them watching back! :)


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