Friday, April 2, 2021

Happy Easter

 Yesterday was so snowy and windy that I could not bring myself to even post about it. I kept busy inside and kept the fire stoked. We had a meeting last night, and the higher up the hill we went, the windier and snowier it got. We sat in an old barn for an hour and the wind howled against the side of the building. By the time we got home, I thought I'd never be warm again. 

It is in the 20s this morning with a dusting of snow, but the wind has died. It is supposed to get up to 39 today. 

Tim has the day off. Our plan is to go up and work on the greenhouse build. 

Tomorrow will be a warmer day, in the fifties, but we will be delivering Easter dinners for the shut ins, meals that they can pull out and heat in the microwave on Easter Sunday. Once home, I'll prepare my contributions to Easter dinner (tossed salad, broccoli salad, and a pan of macaroni and cheese for the kids). The last thing on the agenda is slipping over to hide Easter eggs for Tim's grandsons to find in the morning. I've got 4 dozen of them stuffed and ready to go.

Easter Sunday will be a family celebration at my sister's house, with a big Easter egg hunt for the kids. My sister puts a lot of time into this. She saves the eggs from year to year and adds to her stash. She's got over 200 eggs at this point, and still wonders if that is enough. It is expected to be 61 degrees, and the kids will have a great time running around outside. 

We'll pass the phone and everyone will get a chance to chat with Cara and Colin. 

I can't imagine that I'll be posting, but everyone have a good Easter!


  1. Similar windy and cold weather here too. It is so deceptive because it has looked so bright and inviting for the past few days.

  2. Lovely day here in West Cork. Have a great Easter holiday Debby.

  3. Have a lovely Easter - the egg hunt sounds fun.

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  5. 200 eggs?! Holy cow! How many kids are hunting?!

    You have quite a busy holiday planned! Happy Easter, and tell us on Monday how it all went!

  6. Vaccine Boomer person has certainly been active today.

    We had the cold and wind the last two days and although it is still windy, the cold has gone evidently east far enough to reach you. I hope this is the last shot. Your groundhog lucked into being right this year I guess.

  7. If you want to read a great response, Ed, head over to yorkshire memoirs.

  8. Happy Easter. It is hot here for Easter, but some years it can be very cold.

  9. A good and happy Easter to you and all the family.

  10. It's rare in the UK now to talk of temperatures in the 'fifties' - everything is centigrade now, and yet I remember a time when we all referred to Fahrenheit (had to look up how to spell that - ha). Funny how things change and yet we barely notice.


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