Friday, April 16, 2021

Things that make me go huh.

One of the (admittedly few) benefits of facebook is that you can instantly put up posts for things that you wish to get rid of. I've put furniture out to the curb, children's things, once even a washer and dryer. I put a short post up on facebook. "Free", list the items, and provide a few condition details and give the address. I did that last week with two barstools that a tenant had left behind. I described them, posted the ad. Within five minutes, a car was pulling up for them. He gave a friendly toot before pulling away. I took the ad down as soon as they were gone. 

I also keep track of what's being posted. Sometimes you run across someone with needs and you can point them in the right direction. 

So, I was made a mental note when I saw this listed: 


The comments section was probably the funniest thing that I've ever read. The first commenter wanted to know if the stove was gas or electric. Someone else found that funny (and obvious). The original poster replied that it wasn't listed in the description. 


  1. What a hoot!

    We have a Buy Nothing FB group. Sue is currently giving away hairclips for little girls. Danica is well past them. I will soon advertise my case of Diet Ginger Ale which came in my last pickup rather than real Ginger Ale. I like Diet Coke but dislike Diet Ginger. It is easier to give it away than exchange it in these sad times when I an avoiding the grocery store. We are exploding here, and I want to be more careful than ever, despite my recent jab.

  2. Perhaps you could advertise that you have a gas television to take away?😊

  3. I use Facebook Marketplace too for getting rid of things for free quickly and efficiently. I follow your same formula but usually write in there somewhere that I won't respond to any questions as all pertinent information is already listed.

    Occasionally if something has a bit of value to it, I accumulate it for our neighborhood garage sale which is going to start up in about three weeks. It got cancelled last year for obvious reasons last year so I have quite a bit of things destined for it this year.

    A few weeks back, my brother found a "John Dear" riding lawnmower in his Facebook Marketplace feed. We both found that amusing.

  4. People are just like that. Some of them.

  5. Hmmmm...I've never used Facebook for this purpose, but maybe I should. We definitely have stuff to give away!

  6. We should never underestimate our capacity for stupidity - and I guess we can never overestimate it too! Recycle and reuse is good by the way - we leave stuff at the end of our drive with a sign and usually, it's gone in minutes.

  7. Oh boy. Sometimes I think people just say things to get others riled up and they are not that daft. At least that is what I am telling myself to keep my faith in my fellow humans.

  8. I have put a few things out on the curb with only a "Free" sign, no advertising anywhere, and they all disappeared. I'll eventually have some other things, so will keep that FB Marketplace in mind for the future, otherwise I don't use my FB account.


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