Thursday, April 15, 2021

Lucky Me!

 I happened to check facebook today and a new post came up on a neighborhood sale site. I couldn't believe my eyes. 

Just the right size for my little Iris!

I quickly messaged the seller with no real hope. Someone always gets to these deals before I do. 

Except no one did! 

It is now laundered and packed away with the little sundresses and tutus and the glittery glamorous necklace I found for her dress up box. There are other things I have picked up since my last visit, most of them small things that made me think of her when I saw them. 

This is one of the activities for my visit. We're going to paint seven stones and assemble a flower in her mother's front garden. 

Can't wait to get there. 


  1. No wonder she is excited about your visit!

  2. I've had one or two wins when buying online.
    I hope you visit goes well but hard as it is, try not to overthink it. It is about you as a person and making a connection if it works.

  3. Lovely idea those flowers - I shall pass it on to my three year old grand daughter

  4. Oh, I never overthink once I am there. I am too busy doing things! She likes crafts and it's always good to have a couple ideas. It makes our visit special. We're planting our pumpkins and we are making flowers. In between she'll come over, lean on my knee and said, "Grandma, will you play wif me?" That's all I need.

    It's in between the visits when I am missing her that my mind wanders off in strange directions.

  5. What fun you and little Iris are going to have!

  6. I watched a video on YouTube where the person was making something out of wood and offered a free gift to the first 50 people who responded. There were multiple times more views already so I didn't think I had a chance but a couple days ago my free gift arrived in the mail. I guess most didn't make it to the end of the video. I was pleased.

  7. Awesome! Nothing like getting a good deal on the perfect gift!

  8. I couldn't believe it when I snagged a free stroller from our local Buy Nothing site, and the woman lived right around the corner from me. I'm trying to accumulate some things for my grandson's visit this summer. I bought some used books too! Have a wonderful and safe trip and lots of fun painting rocks with Iris.

  9. I've never seen flowers like that from stones - it's cute but it's also well done with the edging adding to the effect of it being a mini-magical place

  10. I had not thought about that use of Facebook. Sounds good. I am not on Facebook, having decided to avoid it for various reasons. We have a thing called Freegle that does much the same. I have given a few things away on it. Too much goes to the dump that others could use and perhaps renovate.


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