Wednesday, April 14, 2021


Something that is difficult for me is the fact that I am so far away from little Iris. I am blessed enough to be a part of William's life on a regular basis, but with Iris, I don't get to see her so often. The pandemic has made things even worse. I have seen her once this year, three, maybe four times last year. 

I find myself wondering sometimes what memories my grandchildren will have of me. I have always been a part of William's life. He has plenty of fond memories to stack up against the home schooling days. :) Iris, though? It will be different. I am not a part of her day to day life. 

The last time that I was there, I introduced her to a new type of yogurt. She'd always been very fussy about what she liked and didn't like, and unfortunately she was very much attached to a very expensive brand. Then there was grandma showing up with her Greek honey yogurt, sprinkling it with granola for breakfast. 

Iris watched this and was very interested. 

I pushed my bowl over. "Do you want to try it?" and she nodded and dipped her spoon in. And just like that, Iris discovered a new thing that she liked. 

I am preparing to head down for another visit. Same routine. I gas up here, go directly there without stopping, and once there, I stay put. Since Dylan works at home, and Brittani has her covid vaccine, we feel pretty comfortable about it. 

I like to have new things to do with Iris, so I asked if they thought she'd be interested in making yogurt. The simple scientifics of it might be interesting for her. Her mama thought maybe she'd like to see how it all works. 

She also commented on how adamant that Iris was about her yogurt. She wants 'grandma yogurt' so granola is now a staple in their house. She eats her bowl of yogurt and granola every day just like grandma. Brittani commented, "She's very excited that you're coming back!" 

Across the state, I read those words and it was a great big happy in my heart. I'm not a day to day fixture in her life, but Iris has her memories anyway. 


  1. That so many of us are so concerned to even be in close proximity to our families is one of the darker sides of Covid. Ultimately (post-vaccine)the biggest issue ought to be its transmissibility rather than morbidity concerns. And on that basis, I am hoping that time with youngsters should be a minimal concern very soon. It is these lost joys that make me so want to get back to normal and remind me that we need to learn to live again without fear at every turn. Some will find it easier than others. Best wishes

  2. This is great! Enjoy your visit.

  3. Cute! It's so hard to predict what kids will remember. I think we sometimes feel like we have to give them big, elaborate experiences, when in fact they remember the little things most.

  4. Keep going and keep making memories. When they’re comfortable with it, ask her parents if Iris can make a solo visit to your house. Get William over there and have a session of “cousin camp.” (He might groan a bit but that’s OK). Their memories will be only the fondest.

  5. I have no real recollection of my grandparents until I was maybe getting on to ten years old, even though I have lots of pictures of earlier visits. So I wouldn't worry yet about Iris. What has always made me sad was my youngest one had just turned six when my mom, her grandma, died. The oldest was 12. I ponder a lot about what they will remember of their short time they had together if they remember anything at all in the case of the youngest.

  6. I think that you do a lot to keep your mother's memory alive, Ed. While your youngest might not remember her, she will certainly know her. You do a good job of that.

  7. You're as important to her life as to William's

  8. When I was six I came home from school to find my Grandmother on the floor (cerebral brain hemorrhage ). I went and got help but she did not recover.
    She was my only grandparent... but I do have memories of her. Photos add to the memories...

  9. How delightful! I regret having so little time with my grandchildren, one of whom lives on the opposite coast, the other half-way in between. Of course this pandemic hasn't helped. I think we've all missed a lot. Virtual interaction has been much less than I would have liked but I cherish what we've had. I don't know what their memories of me will be.


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