Friday, April 2, 2021

Good Friday

Today, we loaded up the old storm windows on top of the stack of lumber we got from Levi earlier, and hauled the stuff up to the retirement property in our trusty dump truck. We unloaded the windows and set them carefully to the side. We unloaded the wood and stacked that neatly on the other side of the building. 

Then we drove down to the old house to pull the old sliding glass doors from where we'd carefully put them away last summer, and hauled them to the site of our project. We measured the plate glass window, and we got it set in our mind how the greenhouse will be built. The wind was blowing hard and it was cold, so very cold. After only ninety minutes, my face was windburnt. 

We decided to return the next day when the weather was not so miserable. That's the nice thing about three day weekends. We've got meal deliveries in the morning but the route we were assigned is fairly local, so we'll be able to finish up and head straight down to get to work on that greenhouse.

I made some soup from a can of tomatoes and chiles. I dumped the diced tomatoes/chiles into a pan, used the can to add an equal amount of chicken broth and a tablespoon of butter and let it heat up. I added just a dash of chili power, and some cream. Tim was in the mood for a grilled cheese sandwich. He could not stop raving about that soup. "Don't ever buy tomato soup again. This was perfect." 

We also got a call from the hospital. They wanted to know if I'd gotten my covid shot. "No," I explained. "We're not old enough. We're both only 63." Both Tim and I were surprised to hear that they would be scheduling a time for us within the next two weeks. I gave her my cell. I sure do not want to miss that call. 

Tim ran out to Lowes to get some screws for the greenhouse. When he returned, much to my surprise, he had a little window to pop in under the eaves of the greenhouse. He'd seen it on clearance Between the sliding glass doors and that little window in the opposite wall, we'll have enough ventilation to be able to control the heat in there a little. I honestly think that he's as excited about 'my' greenhouse as I am. 

We were about to go to bed, when I remembered. I looked at the clock and we had 14 minutes. I reminded Tim and he was game, so out the door we sneaked, in the cold, in our pajamas and we watched the sky in the WNW. Right on schedule, we saw it: the International Space Station. We stood in the dark staring upward, a bit amazed that you could actually see the wings of the thing. "This is cool," Tim said quietly. Standing beside him, I said, "Yes. It is. I'm glad we didn't miss it." (if you are interested to see it, here's a link for you to look up when it will pass over where you live: 

We came back into the house and put our frozen selves into a cozy bed and talked in the dark, planning plans and dreaming our little dreams greenhouses and gardens and berry plots and...

...before long, Tim was asleep. I planned plans in my head for a while longer, and unable to sleep, I came out to write them all down. 

Good Friday was a good Friday.


  1. It really sounds a good and fruitful day Debbie - so unusual in these Covid days so long may such days continue.

  2. A very good Friday Debby. It is quite something to watch the ISS passing overhead. When we saw it a few years ago now we were surprised at how fast it moved across the night sky. Pretty amazing isn't it.

  3. I haven't been out to spot THE ISS for a while! I'll have to start checking the times again.

  4. Neat. I have never seen it.

    But when you said you had 14 minutes to do something at bedtime ...

    (I can't help myself.)

  5. Exciting times with the new greenhouse construction. That chilli and tomato soup sounds delicious.

  6. Nope, AC. We don't do that before we go to bed, usually. It IS exciting, Northsider. It really was good soup, too. Usually, I keep of can of tomato soup in the cupboard for quick meals. Tim does love his grilled cheese from time to time and a hot cup of something is always nice on a cold day. When he got the craving, I was surprised I didn't have one. The ISS is superfast and it is unmistakable. We'd never seen it before. Usually it's cloudy, or we forget or some darn thing. It was a nice cap to the day.

  7. A really interesting post as usual, I am interested in the finished green house, hope you let us see it than. I love you and Tim working together so well most of the time. Before my husband passed away we did the same thing, almost finish each others thoughts, you two enjoy every day you have. Memories are great when they are almost all good. Keep writing, it gives me warm feelings and sends my mind back to remember when the days were different. We built and remodeled so many things and now some of them are all around me. Thank you

  8. I've been on the ISS notification list for years and never cease to be impressed when I see it.

    1. Happy Easter Kelly. I miss leaving comments for you.

  9. I love different types of tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. I didn't realize that about the space station. My boyfriend and I have looked for it several times, but it's often cloudy here. Wonderful to have such a good day. We need those!

  10. What a great post - the pondering before sleep resonated with me - I spend hours not sleeping... From now on I can say I'm planning!!!
    And thanks for the link. So pleased you are getting your jabs - I felt hopeful when I had mine. A Good Friday indeed.

  11. Tim can doze off as if a switch has been flipped. I never can. I'm not an insomniac, but my mind does whirr off in strange directions once I'm horizontal.

  12. Wow, how cool that you could see the space station! We can barely see stars here, between the clouds and the light pollution, so I'm guessing the space station would be too much to ask for.


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