Wednesday, September 1, 2021


 It has been a working summer, really, with little time for pleasure, especially for Tim and I on our own. Last spring, we saw that the Doobie Brothers were playing outside of Pittsburgh. We talked about covid, but things were so hopeful then, with the vaccine coming out. It just seemed like we were on the edge of coming out the other side of that time. 

So we bought tickets. It was an outdoor concert at an arena, and we opted for lawn seating which would allow us to socially distance ourselves. 

The concert was on September 4th, and we've been looking forward to it very much. 

And now there's the delta variant and we've been waffling back and forth on whether we should go or not. It's three hours away near Pittsburgh, and being an urban area, it's getting harder hit than we are here in podunk. Last night, we finally decided to do it. We'd be sitting outside. We're vaccinated. We decided to wear N95 masks and we would discard them into a zip lock bag to burn when we got home. We could pack a supper picnic. 

At breaktime today, I saw an e-mail. The concert is postponed due to a case of covid in their tour personnel. 

Disappointing, but sensible. 

I texted Tim to let him know, and then I thought about last spring, and how optimistic I was. 

In the background, the news reported on the devastation of Hurricane Ida. Made my disappointment seem very small in comparison. 


  1. It is only postponed. Knowing that other people are suffering much worse than we are doesn't really make our own thoughts and emotions behave any better. It is not something to beat yourself up about.

  2. Oh, that's a shame. But as Andrew said, at least it's only postponed and will (hopefully!) happen eventually. This is such a crazy time, isn't it? (I feel like I've been saying that for five years, at least.)

  3. Steve, I know that I said it for a week just yesterday. I'm not beating myself up Andrew. It's just a reminder that in the big scheme of things, I don't have a problem here.

    The last concert (Journey) that was postponed simply never happened.

  4. We're starting to see cancelled events again as well though living in podunk Iowa has been largely quiet lately Covid wise. It is here for sure but being vaccinated, I largely don't dwell on catching it anymore other than to mask up when inside and in close quarters.

  5. It's a brutal thing. We are going to passports.

  6. Podunk AR is booming with Covid cases. I feel like it's as bad here as it's ever been. And clearly being vaccinated doesn't prevent Covid. Besides myself and four others I know, I just learned yesterday my fully vaccinated granddaughter tested positive. At least it usually prevents severity and/or hospitalization.

  7. I saw the tail of Ida on the news tonight - its a hard world.

    We are talking about how we are going to deal opening up - there have been very few cases here so there is complacency among the unvaccinated.

    Strangest thing is those who were crying hardest about the loss of their freedoms during lockdowns are those who are shouting loudest about not wanting to vaccinate - and yet they are both the biggest threats and the most vulnerable.

  8. I probably would have made the same decision as you since it was outdoors, you were vaccinated, and had N95s with you. It is such a scary time. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we can get this in control soon.

  9. So much is being postponed and cancelled again, I think this is going to happen for some time now. I'm concerned that more businesses are closing due to Pandemic prolonging and spikes in cases. Add to that the Natural Disasters happening at alarming rates and it's all looking quite apocalyptic at times. Still, we carry on and try to remain Guardedly Optimistic. Hope you get to see your concert eventually.


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