Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Heating Things Up

Tim and I are planning our house, our last move. I have wanted a vintage stove for a long time, but the problem is that the ovens on most antique stoves are pretty small. Mine has to be big enough to hold my turkey roaster. This is so important, I measure. 

Tim found a company that makes stoves that look vintage, but are not. 

That oven is standard size. 

I am in love. 



  1. She's a beauty! That stove is awesome.

  2. Blogmate in Oregon known as Strayer recently bought a new stove. I thought the oven was huge compared to the size of ours in Australia. R who watches American tv house flipping shows told me that it is all about roasting the Thanksgiving turkey.

    More people in Australia don't want any cooking facility than those who aspire to an Aga.

    It must be fun to dream and plan your last home.

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  4. Are you in love with the oven or the clever fellow who tracked it down?

  5. My Granny had one something like this but it was wood burning. She turned out the best pies and loaf bread from that oven She had an old drip coffee pot that sit on the top that seemed to be always full. Her grown sons always needed a cup of coffee and pie when they come to visit. I got pie and milk and never had coffee out of the pot,

  6. My Granny's was much longer and had a big water tub by the over, she akways had hot water as long as the tub was refilled every night.

  7. Yes, Steve. They are pricey. But we have plenty of time to keep our eyes open on the various market sites. What got Tim's attention was that he saw one. It was ivory, used, but in good shape for about 1/5th the price of a new one. So in the end, I will probably not end up with a blue stove, but it will be beautiful anyway.

    It's how we roll.


  8. PS: We are a good team, YP. I do love the man. I will also love that stove.

    Hah, Andrew. It makes me very happy that there are other folks out there that have minds that work like my own.

    Ellie, your memories always make me smile to read them. I am so glad that you found Weaver. You two are two peas in a pod!

  9. It does look cool. Back in the day, this town used to manufacture Findlay stoves, but I doubt they made it as far as you folk, so it's probably not a name you're familiar with.

  10. You can bet your last stick of firewood that I went googling to look for that stove! To be clear, the stove above is a gas range. I'm pretty sure that I'm not up to learning a whole new way to cook! Your stoves look a lot like the Elmira stoves here. The Amish still buy them.

  11. Oh gosh! That is really impressive. I love it too!


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