Sunday, September 19, 2021

Nosy Nellies

 I was peeling the tomatoes at the kitchen table when William came flying in the back door. 

"Hi, Grandma! You'll never guess what happened!" This as he flew out of the kitchen.

I laughed to myself a little, thinking that he needed to use the bathroom.

But hot on his heels was Grandpa, and I said, "What's up?" as he, too, flew out of the kitchen.

Hmmmm. This required further investigation, to be sure. I set my knife down and walked into the foyer. I heard Grandpa saying, "Turn off the light!" 

I walked through the living room and into the office to see two heads side by side, peering out the window to across the street where the police stood talking to the people from the upstairs apartment. 

William breathlessly said, "We heard sirens, and we saw the flashing lights, and I said, 'I wonder where they are going,' and then THEY. TURNED. ONTO. OUR. STREET!'

I laughed at the two of them, and went back to my tomatoes. 


  1. Oh, do tell us more!
    I am a Nosey Nellie!

  2. Around the world people know Mrs Kravitz but I had forgotten about her long suffering husband. At the Highrise, Gladys sits on her balcony and sees things, sometimes very strange things that she feels duty bound to blog about.

  3. Does Mrs Kravitz live in twitchy net curtains avenue? 😊

  4. Andrew, did she see the naked man across the way too?

  5. I've quit peeling my tomatoes. I bought a food mill and it's wonderful and silent to operate, because it's old school. You turn the handle.

    For tomato sauce, I chop the tomatoes with skin on and cook them for awhile with onions, garlic and a red pepper. Then I run it through the food mill. So much easier. I love it and my sauce is smooth because I love a smooth sauce.

    Thanks for your comment.

    I just came across this article which I want to look into.

    I don't have the physical symptoms but it sounds promising.

  6. I cook mine down and use a stick blender. Onions, garlic, peppers for me too. I never thought to leave the skin on.

  7. The idea od canning tomatoes and sauce brings back so many good memories, when I was young and had a big garden I canned or froze everytging I got my hands on. My cellar shelves were beautiful to me when all filled. We have u-pick fields here so I can still get fresh tomatoes two times a year but they are not near as good as the ones in the north. So glad you are feeling better.

  8. I would have probably turned out the lights and looked out the window too.

    I have put cherry tomatoes into sauces that I have canned skin and all but have always removed the skin from the big tomatoes. I'm not sure why other than that is the way my mom always did it. With our few tomatoes coming in small numbers, I might try a batch skin and all just to see how things go. (I use a stick blender too after they have cooked down and softened.)

  9. Too funny! I did write something similar to this for next Tuesday's post.

  10. And I remember Mrs. Kravitz too.


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