Saturday, September 4, 2021


The flooding out east has impacted work. Our external computer system's server is in Philadelphia, smack in the middle of the flooding. So we're working still. Our internal programs still work, We can adjust accounts as usual, but we cannot look up things outside of our internal programs because we do not have access to the internet. (I am pretty good at sorting things out and it's one of the things that I enjoy about the job. It's like doing detective work although, unlike Midsommer, no dead bodies at every turn.) 

Anyway, Connor, the kid who works in front of me shot back to hiss "Debby, we're going home!" 

I said, "Yes. At 3:30. Back to work, Grasshopper!"

"No," he insisted. "Right now! They're coming around!" I looked and sure enough, the supervisors were working around the room having small group discussions. 

Turns out that they needed to take our computers completely off line so they could begin to get the system linked back in with our server. We were being sent home early, with the last two hours of our day being paid. My mind translated to "That's the most money I have ever been paid for cleaning my house!" and I shot home, a happy little vegemite. 

Brianna and Don were at the house. Tim had taken the day off and one of his projects was to do a repair on their car. I came in and put a pot of water on. I had tomatoes to process and I could do that as I cleaned the kitchen. I had barely gotten started when I heard a quiet exclamation from the back door and I heard somebody say, "Oh my God." Tim was rolling out from under the car and I asked 'what's happened?' as he shot past me into the house. 

When Tim is moving at high speed, I know something is wrong, so I followed along. He put his hand in the sink, and turned on the water, and it ran red. "Let me see!" I said, and the problem was you couldn't see because it was bleeding so heavily. I said, "Cripes. You will need stitches for that. We're going to the Emergency Room." 

Out the door we shot, leaving Don and Brianna to take their car off the jack. 

The ER was packed, but active blood flow gets you seen pretty quickly. 4 stitches and an hour and a half later we were on our way home. I said, "How lucky it was that work let out early!" Tim agreed. 

Perhaps not all that lucky though. If I had not have come home from work early, there would not have been a pot of water for the tomatoes boiling away on the stove. The last of the water was disappearing from the bottom of the pot as we walked in the door. 

I kept telling myself all night long, "All's well that end's well." It's true. Tim has all ten fingers and the house did not burn down. 

I still cannot believe that I was so stupid. 


  1. Ooooh... must have been a four leaf clover somewhere out in your garden... or a black cat running across the road outside...
    Hope Tim's wound heals quickly.

  2. Phew, glad you got through the hospital quickly and got home before things caught fire.

  3. What is the plural of crisis? Two were narrowly averted.

  4. Holey smokes! That was darn scary. Thank goodness his hand was OK and your house is OK too. I can understand why you'd forget to turn off the stove though. That was really scary when you see all that blood.

  5. Wow. That was an exciting end to the day. Not that you needed it. I had to giggle at the happy little vegemite. I didn't realise our saying had reached your shores.

  6. I thought about the pot of water on the stove when you said you rushed to the ER. I'm glad nothing started on fire. I hope your hubby's hand heals quickly.

  7. Smart to rush him to the hospital. Lucky to not have an event at home.

  8. Whew indeed, glad the ER got to you quickly, ours are overrun with COVID unvaxxed taking up all resources and priorities, which is maddening if you have any other kind of Medical Emergency. Glad the pot didn't catch Fire while you were dealing with the Emergency and that he still has all 10 digits. May he Heal quickly. I do worry about all these catastrophic events happening in Nature due to Climate Change all over the World, we're on Fire here in the Southwest and West Coast and so then when it Rains torrentially we have Flooding due to intense runoff in Fire damaged swaths that were once absorbing more before everything burnt up.

  9. This is a battle I choose. Think of someone other than yourself. Get the vaccine. Wear a mask.

  10. Yeesh. That's way too much drama for one day! Glad it all worked out for the best.

  11. The rest of the story at last.

    I once put on a pot of water to hard boil a few eggs and only remembered when I heard a loud popping noise from the kitchen and was pondering what could have made it. Fortunately, that has only happened once.


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