Wednesday, September 29, 2021

The stove (again).


Last night, it was left that someone was coming to look at that stove this evening, and that if they didn't take it, I would get a call. 

This morning, I got a call on my cell. 'Gary' got two more calls from anxious buyers. He asked if I thought he had underpriced it. I answered honestly that I thought so. I gave him some specifics on the stove and we discussed it. 

After pondering it over, he decided the best way to handle it was to ask for bids on it, so he called back and got mine.$750 was as high as I would bid, sight unseen. He said that he'd talk to all of the callers, and let me know that evening. 

....and the stove is mine. 


  1. I'm guessing he appreciated your honesty as well. And congrats!

  2. You were honest, and it worked out.

  3. I think secretly he sold it someone who had fell in love with it. Did he sound like a nice bloke?

  4. Huzzah!
    (P.S. Do not go into politics. You obviously are WAY to honest for that game!)
    Enjoy. :-D

  5. Woo hoo! Honesty is the best policy, as they say!

  6. Still busy on that day! Congrats!

  7. I honestly think that he was a nice bloke who wanted me to have the stove, but looking at it from the other perspective, I'm going to guess that he had a stove listed for $500. People were calling on that $500 stove, only to receive calls back that the price was now being negotiated, and higher. I think the other three people probably were a bit perturbed. Selfishly, I wanted that stove.

    Funniest part? Tim and I usually talk over these decisions before making them, but I made this one on my own, and I went home not sure if I won the stove or not. I figured if I did win it, I could tell him about the price difference at that time. If I didn't win it, well, he didn't need to know nuffin'.

    When I hung up from Gary, Tim said, "You got it then?" and I said, "Well, here's the thing though..." He wasn't mad at all, thank goodness.

    The other thing. It was going to go into storage with the hickory cabinets and the butcher block, ad infinitum. Tim said, "No. We're bringing it home and hooking it up." BONUS!!!!!!!

    You all are very good finger crossers!

  8. you better go get a lottery ticket with that luck .../ winner winner chicken dinner


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