Wednesday, September 22, 2021


 A coworker died suddenly on Sunday. 

There is a woman at work who has a son who is an EMS, and she is forever blabbing information that she shouldn't be blabbing, to include names. One day she will cost her son a job if she doesn't learn to keep her mouth shut. But she says that our co-worker died of covid. 

There has been no official verification of that, although because of the hubbub, a meeting was held to tell us that we would be notified if she was a covid death. 

It's a bit of a shock. 

She was a quiet soul, a nervous person. You could tell that her life was not easy. 

Now it is done. 


  1. How sad. Covid or not, a death is always a shock for those left behind.

  2. That's sad she died. Hope none of her coworkers like you were exposed. When my dtr and her team members had to start going back into the office a few days each week one of their team did so while experiencing symptoms for two weeks before finally learning it was covid -- having exposed all because the person hadn't wanted to believe they could have the virus. Fortunately, my dtr and others didn't contract the virus but was a concern for a time. Dtr had been vaccinated and had continued to wear mask when she went in to office.

  3. Oh dear. I hope you folk are safe from Covid.

  4. Oh no. That's hitting a bit close to home, isn't it? Let us know what you find out.

  5. That is certainly disturbing on many levels.

  6. It took me several years before I noticed all the deaths in my family tree coincided with the Spanish Flu outbreak and another group in a diphtheria outbreak. I suppose someday 100 years from now someone else will ponder all the deaths in 2020 and 2021 and have to google up (or however they do things then) what caused all of them. I wish I could see how history treated us 100 years from now. I'm guessing not very kindly.

  7. My daughter had a coworker die last month and the whole incident brought forth a wide range of emotions.

  8. I'm hoping you are all safe too if she had COVID.


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