Tuesday, February 23, 2021

In Which I Get Punched At Walmart

 Today I had to run to the store. I needed to pick up the bread that was to be given out with the soup kits. First handout, tomorrow! It will likely be a while before I get feedback on this, but I am excited to get the ball rolling. 

While I was there, I needed to pick up minutes for my phone. 

On the way back to that, I saw some little Troll dolls for Iris' Easter basket. 

After putting two Trolls into my cart, I continued on, and I saw my oldest daughter and Don. I visited with them for a while. While we were talking I saw some rainbow type yarn and picked it up to examine it. I bought a little set of fairy wings for Iris to flutter around the house in, and I toyed with the idea of making her a little wig of yarn hair. 

I was still holding the yarn when a woman pushed up in front of me. "Are you a knitter? Is that your daughter? I didn't know. Is that your daughter? How are things at your house?" 

The questions came rapid fire, and I stood there gaping behind my mask with this woman much more 'in my face' than I like, even when we are NOT in the middle of a pandemic. 

Answering her first question first, I said, "No..." AND THE WOMAN PUNCHED ME IN THE ARM! It wasn't a 'go on with yourself' teasing push. She punched me in the arm!

She continued on. "She IS TOO your daughter..."

I backed up. I did not like her voice. I said, "I was answering your first question. You asked me if I were a knitter." 

My daughter and Don headed off. The woman began asking questions about my daughter and her boyfriend.  I said, "Who are you?!!!"

She pulled down her mask and identified herself, someone I met briefly quite a while ago, and someone I thought even then was (forgive me) far more intrusive than she should have been. Those sorts of people always turn me off. Nosy people in my experience tend to be gossips, and I cannot abide a gossip. They can do a lot of damage. 

I put the yarn back and said, "Yes that is my daughter. We're fine at our house. I hope all is well at yours," and I pushed my cart away. 

I still can't get over it. She punched me in the arm. 


  1. What a weird experience. Do you attract crazies?

  2. Debby, I would have backed off straight away as well....can't abide rude and noisy people!

  3. Hello Debby,

    What a strange and alarming incident. We avoid confrontation wherever and whenever possible. Life seems too short for such altercations. But, some people just do not seem to respect the privacy of others and it is always disturbing when this happens.

    An intriguing shopping basket with fairy wings, trolls and rainbow yarn.....

  4. What a nasty experience. Hope you can avoid her in future

  5. Being so "in your face" and removing her mask would have sent me running, very fast.

  6. Strange times make strange people even weirder. I'm all for wearing masks but some people are hiding behind it.

  7. Strange people, strange times. These knitters are strange people.😊 I live with a knitter.

  8. What funny, funny comments!

    Andrew, I really felt quite strongly for a while that I did attract people with mental issues, and I spent a lot of time worrying about what that said about me. Then I began to scientifically analyze that. It turns out that I was meeting probably the same ratios of people as anyone else. It's just that some folks leave a far greater impression on me than others, which does say a lot about me.

    Vera and JayCee, I bolted. Although it was quite startling, I think the woman is not dangerous. Just rude. She may have embarrassed herself. Later, I felt bad, because I'm the sort of self conscious person who gets embarrassed a lot. Of course, I wouldn't dream of prying like that. That is the strangest thing.

    Northsider, I have always wanted to be a knitter, but people have tried to teach me. I'm a southpaw and not clever enough to reverse what they are doing in my own mind.

    The shopping cart contained the bread that I went there for, and some trash bags. The soup that I eat at lunch time (290 calories) . A little paint marker for the e, r, t and i on our computer keyboard. one phone card. I ultimately decided against the wig, since she was likely to pull the strings and I didn't want to be responsible for sending their dog to the vet for stomach surgery. But objects in my possession include one tiny tea set for fairies, a set of wings, a tiara, and a tiny doll fairy. I did find her a Troll wig that I had sent to the house. I'm buying her first plant for her bedroom, an African violet. Plus I've been collecting cute clothes as I find them. So the basket was not quite as interesting as you might think. I am hopeful that the bag I'm taking with me will be full of wonders.

    Strange times, strange people, and here I am! Just one more strange person!

  9. Wow, how bizarre! She probably meant to be friendly and enthusiastic, but she sounds a bit unbalanced. (And obviously needs some lessons in boundaries!)

  10. Strange times that push people to their limits and beyond

  11. There’s nothing like a post with a good punchline.

  12. I'm guessing that it isn't you attracting crazies but rather you spend time in a place where crazies congregate, i.e. walmart.

  13. Extricating yourself quickly was the best option. Good job.


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