Thursday, February 25, 2021

I Missed the Bust

 I was in the middle of my zoom class. Tim walked into the office, shutting off the lights. 

"Hey, I said, "I can't see my books." 

He switched them back on and quietly left the office. 

After the two hour class, he came back in. "Weren't you at all curious about what the police were doing?" 


"While you were in class." 


"Right in front of the house. Five police cars had a car with three guys pinned in. One of the guys took off running into the apartment house next door. He was hiding behind somebody's couch. The police went in and got him. They brought him out in cuffs. They took everything out of the car. It's piled on the front steps of the house next door..." 

"What? Are you kidding me? How do you know all this?" 

"I went out front and watched it along with everyone else on the street." 

Dumbstruck, I sat there looking at him.

"It was drugs," he said. 


  1. Maybe thirty years ago I was sitting in a tram at a terminus waiting for it to depart as a bank robbery was underway next to the tram and I didn't notice and no absorption in technology was involved back then.

  2. Gosh! I think I would be glad I missed it all.

  3. Scary...but you wouldn't have seen it had you been physically in your class either..

  4. Dear Debby,

    The Zoom class must have been totally riveting!

    What an exciting neighbourhood you live in....all action.

  5. We used to have next-door neighbors who were druggies, especially the man of the house. He even did some dealing a time or two; we didn't have air conditioning until 12 years ago, so we had our windows open a lot and heard everything: 4 or 5 cars on their driveway after midnight, just going to the house and leaving. One time the guy got mad at his wife and shot the back window out of her pickup. Lots of yelling matches with cussing. I was so glad when they lost their place, but after four years without them, I almost miss them. They were the only excitement I got out here!

  6. I echo the others, must have been one riveting zoom class.

    I haven't been that close to the action. The closest I have been was during a wee hours of the morning drive across eastern Wyoming as I was heading home to Iowa. I was probably above the speed limit by a good 25 mph because nobody was around and the road was straight as an arrow. Then all of a sudden a car goes flying by me followed by two police cars, all probably doing 120 mph or better. About a mile further the car was a tangled mess in the ditch, dust was still in the air, the cop cars were stopped and officers crouched behind with guns drawn. I slowed down to the posted speed limit and kept on driving so I never got to see how it ended.

  7. Bummer! I HATE it when something exciting happens and I miss it!

  8. I'm pretty oblivious. I missed it the last timetoo. I was putzing inside the house. We had police in the back yard, the front yard, in the bushes by our driveway. Tim was coming home from some place and they stopped him from driving up the driveway. He thought they were after US. Tim came in the house furious, I had no clue, he exclaimed, 'They're in our bushes!" So I opened the side door, hissed in a whisper "Psssssttttt!" A throat cleared. "Yes?" "Can I ask you what on earth is going on?" "We're waiting for the person in that back apartment to come home. Do you know him?" Me: "No. Thanks for the info though." Him: "You're welcome." The bushes rustle as he settles back in. Donna, I don't call crazy people with guns entertaining. Since I manage to aggravate people with no effort at all, I'd be afraid that they were going to turn that gun on me at some point. The zoom class was a theology class I'm taking, and I had a question to be debated. Wow, Ed, that sounds scary.

  9. I usually miss all the action too! Arilx

  10. At least you had a reliable eye witness.

  11. It must have been a good class if you didn't even notice a drug bust on your block.


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