Sunday, February 7, 2021


 We are, as usual, in the middle of a rehab. This was the weekend of refinishing the hardwood floors. We rented the sander and got at it bright and early this morning, a large living room, a dining room, a hall, and a bedroom. 

It's hard work and every bone in my body is killing me tonight. I know that I will sleep like a rock. 

But you know what I love? I love when you put that stain down, and the wood grain just 'pops'. Makes all that hard work totally worth it. Those floors are gorgeous. 

Late Edit

Note to people who actually are interested in taking this on as a project: We tried, for the first time, a product called Cabot One Step. In theory, it sounds like quite a good idea. You have your stain and finish application done in one step. It is certainly quicker. But we prefer to rub the stain in by hand and then seal the floor as a second step. When you apply sealer, you put it on thick and it flattens out to a good thick protective coating. The applicator 'tracks' smooth out. When you use a one step process, the sealer itself flattens down smoothly, but we wound up with uneven coloration. We applied the second coat, and hopefully that will even things out a bit more, color wise, but right now, we both give this product two thumbs down. 


  1. Those floor sanders can get away from you.

  2. You are so ambitious! That’s a dusty job, but like you say — so beautiful when it’s done.

  3. I've done just about everything when it comes to rehabing a house with the exception of sanding floors. All of the houses I've owned came with carpet or some sort of cheap crappy engineered stuff over plywood. But I have seen enough to know that it is a job I really wouldn't enjoy doing until it came time for the stain.

  4. Would love to see pictures! I always try to take before and after shots. I did so before having my interior repainted, skirt boards put on my stairway, new carpet on the stairs, and new hardwood upstairs. It's fun to see the difference. In my case, I paid because I can't do any of the work myself!

  5. I never did it myself, but I agree about the end result -- when I had my floors redone in my apartment in NYC it was AMAZING what a difference it made.

  6. I so admire your practical skills. I often make a hash of domestic hands-on practical stuff, less often nowadays because I just don't do it. I console myself by saying it's just the lack of tools (but there is also the lack of skill, patience and common sense).


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