Sunday, February 14, 2021

Looking back, moving on

I was reading "ook?!" and she was talking about making yogurt. 

Stopped me in my tracks. I used to make yogurt. Almost every day, I made yogurt.  I had a little yogurt maker. Not sure where it went. But I went to e-bay, found someone selling one in the box for the highest bid. Turns out not many folks want a yogurt maker. I got it for under $9, a Euro Cuisine that makes 7 cups of yogurt at a time. Heading off to my old friend Google, I found a recipe for the Greek Honey yogurt that is my favorite yogurt. I make a batch up every Saturday, and it is enough to last me for a week of breakfasts. 

I top it with granola and eating breakfast this morning, studying my bag of granola, another think occurred to me. I used to make my own granola too. 

Google had a nice recipe for that, as well. Reading it, I realized that all the ingredients I need are already in my cupboard. 

There is a strange satisfaction, at 63, to rediscover that something which made perfect sense at 33 is still perfectly sensible. 

It does not always happen that way. 

A winter storm is coming. We are expecting another few inches of snow tomorrow. It will remain cold. The home fires are still burning and we're waiting this all out patiently. I am glad that Tim does not have to work tomorrow. I worry about that 75 minute commute in bad weather. 

It also gives us an extra day to finish up our work on the tax information that we are organizing for our tax man. 

Another box ticked, this one a major accomplishment. 

Another storm coming, one storm closer to spring. 

Step by step, we're moving forward.


  1. The next evolutionary process will be when we touch the Google part of our heads when we need to think. Hope the storm doesn't do any damage Debby.

  2. I love the fat-free thick Greek yogurt and eat it every day. Not sure that I could make it myself though.
    Hope your snow storm passes through soon.

  3. We make our own granola too and it’s delicious. We’re awaiting a snow event which, where you live, would be not much to get excited over. And there’s always a chance it will change course.

  4. These storms do not do damage, for the most part. They just make travel difficult, they require shoveling out, kind of keep you holed up. They are dreary. Sometimes if you're susceptible, they make your soul dreary too. Paperwork makes me susceptible.

  5. We are expecting snow in the next two days. Could be 4 to 8", which is not huge for us, but it is not to be taken lightly either.

  6. Well done you!
    One point I forgot...your starter culture/yoghurt should be the same fat level as the milk you use.
    I have never tried low or no fat yoghurt...after all all the vitamins are naturally in the fat....

  7. We just got a big storm that dumped almost a foot of snow on us. And it is supposed to snow all next week. I might have to look into the yogurt maker. My kids love it and this would be something fun for them to do especially being able to make their own special flavors. Stay safe and warm.

  8. I'd like to get a source for whole milk. I'll bet that would make a great yogurt. It's just funny that reading your post would make me think, "Saaaayyyy....' The old yogurt making made only 4 cups at a time. This makes 7 six ounce cups, which works out perfectly. I cap them, and have my yogurt for the week.

  9. I wish I liked yogurt better. I really want to! Granola is one of my favorite things. I haven't had it in a long time though. Making it might mean it would be healthier and not so full of sugar. I am still waiting on tax info from my financial advisor, then I can probably send my stuff to my preparer. I don't like this time of year much. We had our Snowmaggedon and it dropped about 8 inches at my house but feet farther south. It's melting now which is something good about snow in the PacNW. It doesn't stick around long. Stay warm and safe!

  10. Northsider, I heard the covid vaccine would do that to our brains. Jaycee, I can absolutely guarantee that you could make yogurt. I think, Bob, that a really good friend would send along a recipe. Mr. Shife, it is a good activity, and might well lead to you having more yogurt than you know what to do with. Margaret, my granola recipe calls for two tbls of honey and one of brown sugar. AC we are looking at 6-9. Some reports are calling for 12 inches. I guess we will find out.

  11. One storm closer to spring. OK.
    I used to make yogurt. Little "cooker" made six glasses. And granola. And bread. OMG, the amount of bread I made, for my brother and his three boys and my two girls.
    Then the girls grew up and left home and I quite cooking, for the next forty years. It all came back to me, though.

  12. With just Tim and I, plus working full time, I just didn't have the time, nor energy. It's coming back to me as well.

  13. I think over the last 40 years I've tried all sorts of yogurt makers but have come to the conclusion that actually I'm not really that keen on yogurt anyway!

  14. I used to make batch yoghurts from our own cow's milk. I used to heat the milk to a warm temperature, add the culture, then leave it overnight. Yummy, especially the skin which formed on the top!
    Enjoying the gallop towards Spring, ......

  15. For some reason, I've never been a yogurt person. The only way I can eat it is in a breakfast parfait with lots of fruit and granola and only with plain vanilla yogurt. Flavored yogurt or even vanilla just out of the container is persona non grata on my tongue.

  16. I have made yogurt (with a few breaks) since I was 23. Nearly 50 years! Wow! I make it in a quart jar, wrapped in a towel, put in a scavenged styrofoam ice chest overnight. Your little yogurt maker sounds just right for you. And so healthy. Enjoy!

  17. You reminded me I have a yogurt maker, too — where is it now? — and i made yogurt for a while. When was that? Why did I stop? Maybe i should look for it and start again.


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