Sunday, February 28, 2021

Grabbed from the Headlines

 As a person who has never watched one episode of 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians', I have to admit that I do not understand why these people are 'reality stars'.  (Their reality, my reality, two different realities, that's for sure.) I see nothing about them worth emulating, and yet they have all these people hanging on every detail of their lives. 

I don't get it. 

But if you follow any news sources at all (and I do), these names keep popping up. You 'know' about them whether you're interested in them or not. So today, I was reading the national news and there was a breathless pop up: 'Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker vow to destroy each other completely: Is this healthy love?'

Okay. Why does this question even need asking? 

While we are on the topic of news, here's a headline from our local newspaper. 'Naked Man Fights With Police'You have to understand that Sugar Grove is a tiny town of just the slightest bit over 600 people. It will take a while for him to live that down, I expect. Initially, the lead line read 'A Sugar Grove man is behind bars after he fought with naked police during a domestic incident.' That went around facebook like lightning. Everyone was curious why the police showed up naked to a domestic incident. The paper quickly corrected the lead line, but still, reading the article, it says that the police were grabbed by "the heck". 

What the heck???

I still have questions.


  1. Your local news seems much more exciting than here!

    I know nothing about reality TV stars either - just weird

  2. Your local journalist(s) seem to have had a very unusual education as far as grammar and spelling are concerned. Perhaps he/she was just too excited by the story to check the text before publishing :)

  3. I only know of the Kardashians. Thankfully, I didn't seem to come across them on my feeds. I am probably not paying attention. It is one of my talents although others might describe it otherwise.

  4. Your news is definitely much more interesting than my news!! Gave me a good laugh though. x

  5. That newspaper story is FUNNY. (Well, the errors are, not the fighting.) Anything that mentions the Kardashians, I just skip. I barely know who they are.

  6. OH good grief! That's actually funny. As for the Kardashians, I don't get it either. They were famous enough that Trump wanted to meet with her.

  7. The Kardashians? I've heard the name, that's all. So many things on TV just make me feel bored and impatient within seconds. Unless I really, really like something I can usually think of something better to do.All I ever watch is Star Trek, M*A*S*H and Montalbano, if they're on.

  8. I would definitely be more law abiding if I knew I could get apprehended by naked police. Too funny. Those Kardashians are all famous for all of the wrong reasons and it is pretty sad that people still give them the time of day.

  9. Even as a youngster I delighted in the spelling and grammatical errors of the local newspaper. Editors have not improved.

  10. I have never kept up with the Kardashians.

    My favorite local headline that I have preserved somewhere in my filing cabinet is "local man is rushed to hospital where he suffered a several broken bones".


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